Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Design Jewelry for Asprey


The dynamite couple has turned design duo. Who would have thought that these two would turn to fashion as an outlet for charity? We expect them to travel worldwide greeting people in small villages that are facing extreme poverty, lack of education, and restrictions on human rights. High-end jewelry is something we certainly did not expect.


The capsule collection of gold and silver jewelry and accessories was designed with Asprey, under the Brangelina collection; The Protector. Most of the pieces are inspired by snakes and will retail in stores this week in London, New York, Tokyo, and Dubai. All of the proceeds from this $500-and-up collection will be donated to the charity, Education Partnership for Children of Conflict, founded by Jolie in 2006.

Aside from their charity work, take a look at where Brad and Angelina spent a Hollywood weekend.


On the collection Angelina Jolie refrained from talking about her designs and rather the charity, “these are the children who most need a safe place to learn, a place to heal, a place to learn reconciliation, a place to build a better future and a place – to just be children.” However, you can tell the design aesthetics are all Jolie’s. From the snake-inspired rings, bracelets, and even goblet, her trademark of dark and mystery is all over these pieces. We wonder what input Brad had in the making of the pieces, even though he has designed jewelry for the Italian label Daminani in the past.