Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Enter the Wine Business

Leah Bourne

In what may be the strangest celebrity product launch of all time Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are helping to produce a rosé wine called Miraval, being produced at their French country estate.
The couple is working with winemaker Marc Perrin, and the wine will be on the market in March, followed by a white wine later in the summer.
Just how involved was one of the most famous couples on the planet in the process? Perrin told the “They were present at the blending sessions this year, and are relooking at everything from the installations in the winery—where we have already switched to stainless steel tanks—to reworking the labels across the range of wines,” Perrin shared.
The label of the wine will carry the name Jolie-Pitt and Perrin, in case you are wondering.
The Jolie-Pitts part of the growing trend of celebrities entering the wine and spirits business. George Clooney just launched a tequila, Casamigos. Drew Barrymore launched an award winning namesake Pinot Grigio last year.
You better believe when this wine hit the shelves, we’ll be trying it.
Share your thoughts in the comments. Will you be running to drink Pitt-Jolie rosé?