Yes, There Is Now a ‘Boy Repeller’: Meet Vivian Dushey

Meghan Blalock
the boy repeller

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It was bound to happen, folks. There is now a miniature Man Repeller who, you guessed it, calls herself the Boy Repeller. She just started her blog in May, and already she’s been interviewed by our friends at Elle.

In the interview, we learn a few things. The Boy Repeller is 11 years old, and her name is Vivian Dushey. Her first cousin is married to rising designer Rosie Assoulin, who happens to be besties with the Man Repeller herself, Leandra MedineSo you could say that this whole fashion blogging about repelling the male gender with your wardrobe is a family affair.

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“Hi, I’m Boy Repeller fashion child of Man Repeller,” Vivian writes on her blog. “I get all my inspiration truly from the Man Repeller. While she repels men I repel boys.  When I come into class all the boys run away screaming. But that’s the way I like it hahaha.” (We took some liberties here with spelling, capitalization, and punctuation.)

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There you have it! Little girls everywhere are learning how to repel males with their wardrobe. Better than the alternative, we suppose. Check out her adorable blog here!