Botox Can Make You Fat! Versace’s Mob Ties?

Kerry Pieri

Photo: Ron Galella, WireImage


  • Botox could cause you to look fat! Apparently studies have shows that the parts of your body or face not injected could turn to mush. Ruh roh. (Daily Mail)
  • A member of the N’drangheta Calabrias equivalent of the Sicilian Mafia is claiming that Gianni was killed due to debt issues, but don’t mess with Donatella because she’s not taking it lying down. Versace co. said in a statement: The Versace family, together with Gianni Versace SpA, utterly refute these baseless allegations and reserve the right to take every possible civil and criminal action against anybody who repeats or propagates these allegations. Fuggedaboutit. (Vogue UK)
  • Alexander McQueen will receive a posthumous award for Outstanding Achievement in Fashion Design at the British Fashion Awards tomorrow night. Well deserved good sir. (Vogue UK)
  • Mario Testino did a royal shoot with Kate and William. He’s the royal family’s go-to man, which might be even cooler than being Carine’s or Anna’s. (NY Mag)
  • Angelina Jolie is collaborating on a jewelry line with Robert Procop Exceptional Jewels that will include statement stones. All proceeds will go to charity, bien sur. (WWD)


  • RT @fuggirls [Go Fug Yourself] I just noted that Sisqo has a Christmas song. But could anything ever be as festive as The Thong Song? – J It’s the only song we play at the Pieri house on Christmas eve!

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  • RT @sea_of_shoes [Jane Aldridge] A garth–a goth from the boonies Seems like trying to make fetch happen.
  • RT @lginstantchic [Lori Goldstein] R we ever going to get sick of sparkle? I haven’t this far in life.. Just asking Every life needs a little sparkle!

106927 1291660252 Botox Can Make You Fat! Versaces Mob Ties?