Borrowing from the Boys


A couple of nights ago over dinner and wine with bff Alex Weiss (who, incidentally, works for Ralph Lauren and happens to be one of my most stylish pals), I noticed something shiny and incredibly chic dangling from her slim wrist. I grabbed it immediately, demanding, “Where did you get this and when??? It’s AMAZING.”

“I got it a couple of months ago,” she responded with her typical offhand ease. “It’s a men’s watch from Hermes. Or maybe I got it from Barneys. I can’t remember. But it’s so much better than anything they have for women.” And with that one simple statement, a whole new category of lust was opened up to me. Why would a girl invest her time, energy, and hard-earned money on dainty little wisps of women’s watches when she could have this gorgeous, oversized, luxe piece of pure arm candy?

Don’t get me wrong–the concept isn’t entirely new to me. I’ve been known to steal countless soft Hane’s tees from various boyfriends. I’ve hung out in boy’s basketball shorts all day long. I’ve even worn roommate David’s Thom Browne button-down to work, cinched at the waist with a tawny brown leather Prada belt (unbeknownst to him until….right about now). I’ve even entertained the idea of purchasing a men’s watch for my own use before. But never have I encountered such an ideal specimen of men’s attire for women. It’s big, but doesn’t swallow the wrist entirely. It’s masculine but not in a hard-edged way. It looks great with a few gold bangles surrounding it.

In a word, it’s perfection. Log on. Go. Now.

Hermes H-Our Maxi watch, $1,650, at