Booze, Tattoos & Girl-On-Girl For Sophomore NYC’s New Film


Who says that grown-ups can’t have sleepovers? They’re probably way more fun while booze-addled and with a room at The Bowery Hotel anyway. Sophomore designer Chrissie Miller must have realized this, and gathered her friendsChloe Sevigny, Jen Brill, Lesley Arfin and Scott Campbell among themto play a few rounds of every pre-teen’s favorite game, Truth or Dare.

Directed by Cass Bird, Sophomore’s latest film Truth or Dare gives us a voyeuristic look at the group’s intimate get-together, and Miller sites Madonna’s 90s documentary of the same name as her inspiration. The game play ranges from girls kissing girls to awkward sex stories to sharing each others’ biggest fears, all while modeling Sophomore’s latest collection. The film is being screened in its entirety all week exclusively by Kanon Vodka, the purveyor of the evening’s liquid courage. I mean, who spills their deepest, darkest secrets while sober?