Bootleg Stockings


Over the weekend, I attended a baby shower for a very good friend. A very good, well known fashion friend, I should add. I haven’t been to very many baby showers but the ones I have attended were populated with young mothers and excited grandmothers-to-be. This one was no different except for the fact that I was seated at a table with a bunch of other fashion gals. The conversation started off with babies but, of course, ended with shopping. Every person at the table was currently obsessing about different pieces to add to their fall wardrobes. Vintage jewels, leather leggings, flight jackets, and nubby sweaters were all on the list. One item that got my wheels turning was the mention of thigh high knit stockings. I’ve been stocking up (no pun intended) on them and I was happy to hear that the other girls at the table were really into them as well.

Thigh high anything can sound a little aggressive but you need to trust me–they’re kind of a savior. I’ve been wearing them under mini skirts in lieu of full tights. I think it’s a bit sexy when a skirt lifts for a tiny second and reveals a slither of thigh. Let’s be honest though, sexy isn’t the (only) point. It’s getting cold and I was simply getting tired of pulling on knit tights and thought this would be a great alternative. The sexy part was just a bonus.

I found this Martin Margiela pair on They are ribbed and have a slightly fuzzy texture that makes them interesting. American Apparel also sells a pair that are much more affordable and less of a commitment. Give them a whirl and let me know what you think.