Bonnaroo Starts Today!!


Bonnaroo starts today in Manchester, Tennessee and basically if you’ve been mentioned in any blog this past year, you’re playing at Bonnaroo at one of the thirteen (!!) stages.

As I’ve (and the entire blog community) already pointed out before, the schedule is basically a cluster fuck of decision making. Some of your favorite acts are scheduled at the same time in conflicting locations.

I don’t know who named these tents and stages but it runs like Abbott and Costello’s, “Who’s on First?” routine. (Or differently said, the, “What’s the password?” scene from Purple Rain.) The Bonnaroo stages are named, “What Stage,” “Which Stage,” “This Tent,” “That Tent,” “The Other Tent,” and “Sonic Stage.” (What a way to not fall in line on that one Sonic Stage… there’s one in every family.)

For a complete look at the schedule, choose wisely here. What do you think? Who are you most excited to see? Who’s on first?