Bonnaroo Gets Even More Eco-Friendly


When Walt Disney first conceived the idea of EPCOT (aka the Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow), he imagined a utopian city with extensive planning free of wasted energy and congested traffic. EPCOT was intended to be an actual city. Oh, and the entire thing was inside a bubble to keep the temperature at a comfortable 72 degrees and sunny.

Well, just as Disney strived to create the ideal city, the event planners of Bonnaroo are striving to create the ideal festival. How exactly? By making the music festival eco-friendly. In addition to its recycling cans, $22 metal canteens for water, and food brought in from neighboring towns, Bonnaroo is expanding its Solar Stage. This year, the Solar Stage, which previously powered exhibitions by various artists relying wholly on solar power, is now being doubled in size. At this scaled size, the Solar Stage has the capacity to power the entire festival.

Could Bonnaroo bring the ideals of EPCOT to fruition– a sustainable city?