Bonnaroo Day 1 Summary


There are a slew of reasons why I’m not at Bonnaroo right now: I can’t afford to travel right now, I have a full time job, I like to shower… But whatever I’m not there. So here’s a second hand run down of what we’re missing:

Hip hop duo People Under the Stairs played the most packed show and got the crowd moving and singing along with them as everyone screamed, “Ahh! Shit!”

Passion Pit
were called the next Vampire Weekend. Is that a good thing? Because I’m pretty sure Vampire Weekend experienced a serious backlash and everyone is so over Ralph Lauren cardigans, seersucker, and Oxford commas.

Janelle Monae rocked everyone’s face off when her dance moves no longer felt overbearing and invasive as they do in small clubs. Her alter performing ego and electronic spazzy dance moves were made for a festival stage.

Finally, Hockey is the new band you need to know who followed up their performance at Sasquatch with a killer set at Bonnaroo. Start learning their lyrics now so you’ll be set for CMJ.