57 Bohemian Bedrooms That’ll Make You Want to Redecorate ASAP

57 Bohemian Bedrooms That’ll Make You Want to Redecorate ASAP
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Few aesthetics embody the best parts of hygge—everyone’s favorite trendy way to get cozy—than bohemian decor. The breezy, maximalist aesthetic gives us all an excuse to make the most of color, to get creative when combining printed textiles and to stock up on all kinds of lovely trinkets that do little else than make us happy. The bohemian decor movement is a beautiful thing, both aesthetically and conceptually, and its daughter, the bohemian bedroom decor movement, is largely the same.

The only issue? Crafting the perfect bohemian interior is a never-ending challenge. Minimalism forces you to pare down, leaving questions like “what should I own?” and “where should my stuff go?” easy to answer; they’re matters of rationality and practicality—there are right ways to decorate. But maximalism invites you to get lost in aesthetic fantasy. You’re rewarded for buying a shit-ton of throw pillows, for covering your walls with colorful art. But it’s not as simple as loading up on interesting wares. You have to load up on interesting wares that complement each other.

They key to bohemian bedroom decor—or any kind of bohemian decor, really—is to leave your space looking beautifully curated, without allowing it to feel effortful. The bohemian spirit is a breezy one—it summons visions of days spent at the beach, lives spent focused on travel. These are lighthearted, creative endeavors, not meticulously assembled ones. To make your home look full of effort would be to ruin the aesthetic you set out to craft in the first place. And unless you’re an aesthetic savant, this is a hard balance to strike.

None of this is to suggest that you should abandon all hope of crafting the bohemian bedroom of your wildest dreams—far from it. But it is to suggest that perhaps the best first step you can take is to stock up on bohemian bedroom decor inspiration—to see what other aesthetically-minded individuals have created, and to see what elements you’re interested in borrowing from each. A little visual research should go a long way in helping you understand what you want from your bohemian bedroom, and it’ll fill you with ideas for how to get there. That said, read on for seven key elements of boho decor, and tons of beautiful inspo images. Godspeed, my friend. The space you’ve been fantasizing about awaits.

1. Accent Rugs

When it comes to mixing prints, the more the better!

Layering rugs is a surefire way to leave your space feeling bohemian—without breaking the bank. (Smaller rugs are often a fraction of the price of larger ones.)

STYLECASTER | boho rug | bohemian bedroom decor


Add this cozy rug to your space for the ultimate boho feel.

Because your bohemian palette doesn’t have to be loud.

Minimalist without feeling sparse, this bedroom is full of bohemian bedroom decor inspiration the not-so-maximalist bohemian will love.

STYLECASTER | boho rug | bohemian bedroom decor


We love the washed-out look on this printed rug.

This feels more industrial bohemian than traditional bohemian, but hey—find the aesthetic that sparks joy for you.

From the layered rugs to the layered curtains, it’s clear this designer knew what they were doing.

2. Cozy Blankets

Stock up on a couple plants and a few printed blankets, and you’ll be in business in no time.

If this photo has convinced us of anything, it’s that light-washed wood plays incredibly well with white textiles.

STYLECASTER | geometric throw blanket | bohemian bedroom decor | boho decor

Urban Outfitters

The subtle pattern on this throw keeps things interesting without looking too busy.

We’re as enamored with the wooden bed-foot stool as we are with the delightfully mixed and matched throws.

Who said you had to use those woven trays horizontally?

Don’t shy away from antique pieces. They can add a dose of much-needed texture and personality to an otherwise contemporary space.

STYLECASTER | geometric throw blanket | boho bedroom decor

Urban Outfitters

Can’t wait to curl up in this plush throw blanket.

Anything fringy or woven is probably on the aesthetic menu.

Normally dark walls and a dark floor would leave a space feeling smaller, but when your bed is this cozily layered, they only leave the space feeling snugglier.

3. Plants to the People

We can imagine nothing more badass than crafting a headboard from straight-up cacti.

STYLECASTER | mini cacti | boho bedroom decor


If you can’t seem to keep your plants alive, these faux cacti will do the trick.

An aesthetic so carefully curated that even the cat matches.

When in doubt, load up on plants.

Because print isn’t the only way to play with layered decor. (A little textures goes a long way, y’all.)

STYLECASTER | succulents | boho bedroom decor


Fill your space with succulents for ultimate serenity.

Few palettes feel as distinctly earthy as brown and forest green.

Proof evergreen plants have a place in the bohemian decor sphere, too.

In case you’d prefer a canopy crafted from greenery to one crafted from linen.

STYLECASTER | macrame hanging planters | boho bedroom decor


Why use regular planters when you can use hanging ones?

A plant-lined headboard is an out-of-the-box way to get your green thumb on.

Let’s be real—it’s pretty hard to beat a bed suspended in mid-air.

4. Plush Pillows

Consider this your excuse to indulge your throw pillow obsession.

STYLECASTER | boho throw pillow | boho bedroom decor


Textures and tassels are sure-fire ways to make us happy.

We have no idea where you’d obtain the heardboard/roof combination pictured here, but we do know it’s incredible.

Is it just us, or is that chartreuse picture frame absolutely stealing the show?

Don’t sleep on colorful furniture—it can serve as the accent piece (or pieces) your space is yearning for.

STYLECASTER | boho throw pillow | boho bedroom decor


This pillow is truly peak cozy.

Who knew three different mirrors could look so great when combined? (Have a creativity field day, folks.)

Nothing says bohemian like an oceanfront view—and some fringe-covered bedding.

Remember to stock up on tons of fun art, too.

STYLECASTER | boho throw pillow | boho bedroom decor |


The perfect accent pillow for your bedspread.

A maximalist approach to decor, rendered in a minimalist palette—options are abundant, my friends.

There’s all kinds of beautiful stuff happening in this space.

The perfect blend of texture, color and greenery, this space feels bohemian without skewing overdone.

5. Beautiful Bedspreads

A sleek, contemporary take on classic bohemian coziness.

Remember, tapestries are your friend.

STYLECASTER | boho duvet cover | boho bedroom decor


Don’t be afraid to nix color altogether and play up textures instead!

If you do have a favorite hue, thought, you can stock up on wares within the shade. (Quite possibly the most straightforward way to tackle maximalist decor.)

No room for a nightstand? A couple plant-lined stools should do the trick.

Plants will keep any exposed brick-lined space feeling as organic as it does industrial.

STYLECASTER | duvet cover | boho bedroom decor


Pink hues give this space a fresh and bright feel.

A pared-down palette can leave your tight space feeling just cozy enough.

May your pillows complement your art, and your art complement your pillows.

With walls like that, you could do just about anything and still leave your space feeling dreamy AF.

STYLECASTER | duvet cover | boho bedroom decor


Proof that the boho aesthetic *can* be minimalist.

Pretty hard to go wrong when you’re displaying straight-up guitars on your wall.

A greenery-surrounded bed will leave your room feeling like an absolute oasis.

Never underestimate the power of a painted wall.

6. Let’s Get Lit

I mean, why not stock up on candles that coordinate with the rest of your aesthetic?

STYLECASTER | voluspa decorative candles | boho bedroom decor


Make your space smell sublime and add a decor accent with these pretty candles.

Proof that when you’re having fun with texture, the colors you use—or lack thereof—hardly make a difference.

Challenge yourself to buy all the colorful things that catch your eye—and then to make them look good together.

Simple and bohemian are far from mutually exclusive. (And that hanging woven curtain is an easy way to section off space in a smaller room.)

STYLECASTER | Tom Dixon candle set | boho bedroom decor


Little fires everywhere thanks to these glowing accent candles.

For the white bedding fiend who still hopes to craft a bohemian aesthetic.

STYLECASTER | honeycomb candle | boho bedroom decor


Layered headboards—and woven lampshades—are officially decor options worth considering. (And peep those fringe blankets, too!)

7. Fit For A Queen

Is there any scenario in which making a DIY bed canopy isn’t a good idea?

STYLECASTER | canopy bed | boho bedroom decor


If there were ever a time to experiment with headboards, it’s now.

Prints, prints and more prints.

A wood-lined ceiling, plant-lined canopy and statement rug-lined floor is a pretty unstoppable combination as far as bohemian decor goes.

STYLECASTER | boho bedroom decor | canopy bed


Yet another reminder that your palette isn’t the only way to leave things feeling layered.

It’s pretty much impossible to go wrong with a statement rug, as I’ve already mentioned.

The mix of antique and modern decor leaves this room feeling equal parts bohemian and avant-garde.

A version of this article was originally published in July 2016.

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