Bob Mackie to Create Costumes for Cher’s Upcoming Tour

Perrie Samotin
bob cher

Of all the legendary celebrity-designer pairings, none have quite been as ingrained in the public’s consciousness as Cher’s relationship with Bob Mackie. And, after four decades, it looks like the partnership is still going strong.

“Just heard. Bob will make costumes for The Tour. Makes me so unbelievably happy! Last time around, wouldn’t be, ME…without him.” Cher tweeted yesterday.

cher Bob Mackie to Create Costumes for Chers Upcoming Tour

Cher in a Bob Mackie creation at the 1986 Oscars.

Starting with 1971’s “The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour,” Mackie has essentially become as synonymous with the icon as, say, her long black hair, though none of his outlandish, show-stopping costumes have been as firmly cemented in the pop culture canon as the look he created for Cher to wear to the 1986 Oscars, pictured above.

While details of Cher’s upcoming tour have yet to be announced, Mackie dressed the 67-year-old-icon as recently as 2011, when she had a residency—where else?—in Vegas.