On The 50th Anniversary Of Bob Dylan’s First Record, We Look Back At Our 5 Favorite Album Covers

Jessica Rubin
On The 50th Anniversary Of Bob Dylan’s First Record, We Look Back At Our 5 Favorite Album Covers
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For many of us, Bob Dylan is the ultimate musical crush. His creativity is limitless, he knows his way around a harmonica, and in his younger years the contrast between his baby-face and bad ass approach to life made him … perfect. Yes, we love Bob Dylan, but sometimes it’s easy to forget just how long and expansive his career has been. Today brought us right back to reality with the 50th (whoa) anniversary of his first album release. That’s right, it’s been that long.

Since March 19th, 1962 Dylan has recorded dozens of albums and made an everlasting impact on the music industry. Although many of us came of age during a different generation, his lyrics continue to influence and speak to us — perhaps helping to bridge that seemingly insurmountable gap between us and our parents. In honor of this milestone in Dylan’s career, we’ve put together a slideshow of our five favorite Dylan album covers. So check out the pic of Dylan’s first album, Bob Dylan, and then click through for some artwork that defines Dylan’s inspiring musical life.

Do you have a favorite Bob Dylan album cover that we missed? Make sure you’ve registered for a StyleCaster profile to post a picture of the album and then leave us the link to your submission in the comments section below!

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The cover for Bob Dylan's first album, appropriately titled 'Bob Dylan,' features a young, innocent looking Dylan whose creative ability and career had not yet matured.

The illustrated cover for the album 'The Basement Tapes' captures the vagabond spirit in which the collection was recorded. Bob Dylan and The Band traveled throughout Woodstock, NY and recorded the vocals at different locations in the area, years before the album's release.

'Oh Mercy' features an illustration that screams Gershwin, and the album itself was deemed a triumph for Dylan's lyrical abilities after several weaker releases.

The cover of 'World Gone Wrong' has a slight Mad Hatter quality to it that we find quite appealing. That and the fact that the entire album features acoustic songs accompanied only by the guitar and Dylan's famous harmonica make this record a total win.

The album 'Street-Legal' has the scruffy, adorable Dylan that we know and love right on the cover, making it an instant hit in our eyes.

The 'Freewheelin' cover deserves a spot on this list for Dylan's shoulder pads alone. Aren't they just beyond?

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