Boardwalk Empire Fashion: The New Mad Men On The Boardwalk (VIDEO)


Re-imagining a world almost 100 years buried is not a small undertaking, but one costume legend and Emmy Award winner John Dunn does with exactness and a lovely dose of humor for HBO’s Atlantic City based hit Boardwalk Empire. With to die for fashion films like Casino and Factory Girl on his CV, there’s no doubt Dunn knows his way around a pretty dress, but its the historical accuracy, sheer breadth of knowledge and killer taste that elevates this guy to guru level. Since the advent of Mad Men, where Dunn reconstructed the best of the early 60s for a new generation, costume designers haven’t received more deserved attention since the days of Edith Head.

We went with John Dunn to mecca of stellar, original retro finds New York Vintage. Along with owner Shannon Hoey, we shopped Boardwalk Empire’s 1920’s style for vintage mistress Shae Acopian Detar of Everything Style. Watch and learn, vintage junkies. -Kerry Pieri

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