Blythe Cain–My New Obsession


I have to say, I’m a leetle sick of the taxidermy trend (i.e. the trend in which designers take the skeletons of various small creatures, stick ’em on a chain, and call it jewelry). Don’t get me wrong–it can be very beautiful in a haunting, wicked sort of way, but when everyone under the design sun started turning out dead animal accessories by the dozen, it got a bit…tiresome. And then along comes Blythe Cain, jewelry designer and illustrator extraordinaire, with her stunning little collection of necklaces and bracelets crafted out of colorful butterfly wings and flower petals. Not only are they completely different from anything else I’ve seen in awhile, they manage to toe the line between “pretty” and “cool” with ease. I’m loving this necklace for it’s mess of tangled antique chains and for the kind-of-evil, kind-of-gorgeous dark suspended butterfly wings.

Plus, you gotta love a girl who quotes Plato on her fashion website.

Check her out at