Blue Ivy Partied at the Versace Mansion Before She Turned Two: See The Amazing Photos

Meghan Blalock

While the majority of folks on God’s green earth will never have the opportunity to spend their New Year’s Eve partying the night away at the iconic Versace mansion, Blue Ivy Carterat the ripe age of (barely)  two years old—has already done just that. The famous tot spent NYE with mom Beyoncé and dad Jay Z, all three of them dressed to kill, living it up at the Miami estate.

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While the world’s most glamorous family partied together for New Year’s Eve, Bey just posted the inside shots from the affair today. And they all had quite the big evening, it seems. 

They gazed at stars.

blue ivy versace 5

They posed for family portraits (though Blue seems less-than-cooperative).

blue ivy versace

Mom and daughter shared a private dance.

blue ivy versace 3

But don’t worry, Dad got his own little jig, too.

blue ivy versace 4

In conclusion, life isn’t fair. But luckily for the rest of us, at least Beyoncé is into sharing her (and her daughter’s) incredibly fabulous life with the rest of us.

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