The Internet Is Going Crazy Over Blue Ivy Rapping on Jay Z’s Song

The Internet Is Going Crazy Over Blue Ivy Rapping on Jay Z’s Song
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When a tutu-dressed Blue Ivy stepped onto her school’s stage a month ago to slay a motown-inspired dance recital, we thought she was following in her mom Beyonce‘s choreographed legacy. However, it turns out the 5-year-old celebrity daughter is actually taking after her dad, Jay Z, after she spit some mad bars on one of her dad’s new songs and rightfully caused the Internet to explode.

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Move over, Kanye West. Jay Z has a new regular collaborator and her name is Blue Ivy. The Internet is going wild over Blue Ivy’s sick spits on the 47-year-old rapper’s new song, “Blue’s Freestyle/We Family,” (if you couldn’t already tell from the title) off his just-released album, “4:44.” The song, which is a bonus track on “4:44,” includes 45 seconds of Blue Ivy-rapping bliss.

Though Blue Ivy’s rap is included on Jay Z’s album, we could definitely see a little Beyonce inspiration in there. Raised by one of the biggest bosses in the world, the toddler’s most iconic line is unsurprisingly feminist, and clearly, we’re shook.

“Never seen a ceiling in my whole life,” Blue Ivy raps.

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Though the Internet is still deciphering Blue Ivy’s rhymes (give her a break, she just said her first words a few years ago), people are confident she’s the next big thing in music. (We agree. @The Grammys, get at her.)

Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’re off to learn Blue Ivy’s iconic rap, too. Practice with us and bow down to the new Queen of Rap with the snippet of Blue Ivy’s mad spits, below.