Blondes Score Higher Paychecks Than Any Other Hue



Despite their pop culture-induced bad rep for being vacuous and ditsy, blonde women actually out-earn their other-hued counterparts by up to seven percent, according to recent studies in the UK.

According to a piece in the Telegraph UK, having blonde hair boosts a woman’s salary 1,600 a year ($2,245 USD) over Britain’s average salary of 22,000 a year ($33,600 USD).

Even when factors such as height, weight, age, and education were removed, the difference in pay remained– based on a survey of over 13,ooo women conducted by the University of Queensland.

Likewise, blondes not only earn more themselves, but their husbands get paid in higher quantities as well– up to six percent more than spouses of other hair hued ladies.

Although researchers didn’t have a solid theory about why blonde women earn more money, the doctor who led the study, Dr. David Johnston, theorized that “it seems the association between blondes and beauty dominates any perception that they have low intelligence. This could explain why the ‘blondeness effect’ is evident in the marriage market.”

While we’re not entirely convinced that the monetary incentive will send brunettes and redheads to the salon to change their god-given color, here’s a roundup of our favorite dark-to-light celeb makeovers.

1. Kim Kardashian (above)
The reality star turned back to her roots quickly, though we liked her J.Lo-inspired look– for a couple days anyway.

2. Katherine McPhee
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A short blonde cut took McPhee from girl next door to edgy rockstar.

3. Miranda Kerr
90462 1270582062 Blondes Score Higher Paychecks Than Any Other Hue
This naturally raven-haired beauty could rock any color she chose and still look incredible.

4. Kate Moss
90490 1270591935 Blondes Score Higher Paychecks Than Any Other Hue
When Moss was still a teenage waif, she kept her natural hue. We love her as a grown up blonde bombshell.

5. Cameron Diaz
90491 1270593013 Blondes Score Higher Paychecks Than Any Other Hue
This California surfer girl is a true blonde inside and out– whether it comes from a bottle or not.

Would you change your hair color for a pay raise?

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