Fashion Blogs: 8 Ways They Revolutionized The Industry

Fashion Blogs: 8 Ways They Revolutionized The Industry
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Ah, I remember a time without blogs. It was just a few short years ago when “blogs” were the dirty word of the fashion industry. But I was a fan from the start. I’ve noticed that how we enjoy, view and buy our fashion has had a huge impact from the aesthetics of popular blogs. Today, blogs and brands go together like bread and butter. Scroll through the slide show to see eight examples of change I’ve noticed.

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1. Something in the streets
The casual aesthetic of street style photography has become so influential it is now not just for style on the fly – but used to sell clothes. In this case, Garance Doré shot models and actresses (Harley Viera Newton, above) for Intermix in her romantic street style eye.

2. The home is where the heart is
But it's not just street fashion – The Selby's creative-yet-voyeuristic home style has caught the attention of brands as well. Pictured above is one shot from "The Inspired Life" – the Cole Haan Fall 2010 ad campaign.

3. Friend request accepted
Julia Frakes isn't your typical style blogger – she's more of a fashion writer/stylist/social networking guru (and street style favorite). Her personal style and online and IRL congeniality propelled her to legit modeling status as well. Case in point: she just landed an Annie Leibovitz-shot Gap China campaign.

4. Relatability is everything
Personal style bloggers have become bonafide models. Rumi Neely has gone from FashionToast to the toast of the accessible inspirational world – and starred in a Forever 21 campaign.

5. I'm with the brand
You know your blog has a great brand if it can be summed up in a bottle of nail polish – those Bleach Black girls know how to do it right.

6. Designer turn
We can't buy your clothes, but we want to buy something that we can afford and looks like your style. Jane Aldridge's style is strong enough that she designed a capsule collection of shoes – her trademark –  for Urban Outfitters

7. The editor as celebrity
Fashion editors have gone from obscurity to a cult level of fame. They have become celebrities of their own. Sure they'll keep their day jobs as editors, but they can sell perfumes too. At least Anna Dello Russo will.

8. We want to see it now, and we want to share it, tweet it, heart it, and like it.
Blogs' viral abilities can do so much more than magazines in terms of news, timing and how we interact with it. Blogs are so much more intimate when it comes to pivotal moments in fashion history. We may had never seen this snap shot of Alexander McQueen's passing. The news makes itself. 

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