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Meghan Cross

There’s a whole lotta Love going on over at

From Rebecca Minkoff’s  sparkled selects to Yigal Azrouel’s leather looks, our new community members are absolutely crushing it on the new site. So we’re here to help you guys spread the love. Every week, we’ll give you a heads-up on one blogger whose posts particularly pop.

To kick off, we’re turning the spotlight on the street style and sass behind Saucy Glossie: the lovely Lindsey Calla.

New Yorkers, you know Lindsey as the Maxxinista who shares a ride cross-town with you every time your turn on Taxi TV. And on the ‘Caster, Calla’s contributed everything from artistic inspiration to Hair-spiration. You can check these out (as well as shots of her own Marilyn Moments) by heading over to her profile here:

And check out what she’s been up to when she’s not crossing 5th Ave looking fab:

1) How did you get started with Saucy Glossie?

I was working at a magazine and was lucky to be featured in a story about my personal style on a budget. It rated really high with readers so I knew that girls wanted to relate to someone real. And with all of the rapid changes happening online, I decided to go out on my own and start Saucy Glossie.  

2) What’s your favorite thing you’ve shared on StyleCaster?

A quote that says, “What’s Stopping You?” I ask myself that constantly when I set new goals or have ideas that just need that little extra push.

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3) How would you describe your style?

Polished, feminine, classic and budget-conscious.

4) Who would you say is a style icon? What’s a solid source of inspiration for you, your writing, and your overall style?

I love Grace Kelly and Georgina Chapman. Might be a little cliche to say Grace Kelly, but there’s a reason why her style is still so coveted. It’s timeless, and that’s what makes a great style icon to me.

5) What else do you have going on right now?

Lots of TV projects…I have a TJ Maxx commercial out this Spring along with web videos that you can check out here. I’ve been working with TBS on some great trend segments (here), and I’m hosting a show with Marie Claire for Hearst’s new YouTube channel, “Hello Style.” (Even though the show doesn’t launch until April 15th, you can subscribe here!)

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