Fashion Bloggers Get Bashed By Vogue

Kerry Pieri

The term fashion blogger is in dire need of being compartmentalized. Personal style bloggers are quite different than street style photogs, who differ even further from those who comment on fashion news, write their own written features, or even the type who highlight the editorials they think are life changing. Overall, fashion bloggers in the most general sense celebrate fashion at its core, but apparently, one major part of Italian fashion is not celebrating them.

EIC of Vogue Italia, Franca Sozanni is directing her wrath at a particular subset of fashion blogger those of the personal style sort taking to her blog to say , “They don’t offer an opinion but only talk about themselves, take their own pictures wearing absurd outfits. What’s the point? I don’t even know who they are except a few names because they are so many and all the same, they are so worried about what to wear to get noticed that my eyes only see a crowd in the end. ” I think the point may be that those pictures are getting them front row at fashion shows, free merch and lucrative modeling deals, but I digress, because she wasn’t finished berating the young ones yet.

Nope, because not only are they not even worth remembering, you shouldn’t listen to fashion bloggers either, “These aren’t people who have been working in fashion too long to end up criticizing everything, the shows, and they don’t have a background in fashion so they are not conditioned by their knowledge or interests. There comments are naif and enthusiastic. They don’t hold a real importance in the business. Of course not.” No, but they know what they like, and their followers trust their opinions, so the question of experience is moot, because if people buy the things they promote, that translates to sales which is good for everyone in fashion.

Sozanni does go on to contradict herself by concluding with, “Not all trends are nice and not all bloggers are good, but so it’s for designers and journalists. Time is needed to emerge, and when you make it, to resist. Time decides what’s successful or not. What makes history. The blogger phenomenon is too young, too new.”

I don’t believe it’s too young or too new, but I do think that the fashion blogger market is oversaturated and the great will be weeded out from the mediocre. It just seems antiquated to dismiss the phenomenon so easily, after all, fashion at its core is meant to embrace the new and groundbreaking.