Fashion Blogger: Webby Nominee The Blonde & The Brunette

Kerry Pieri

So, I don’t know if you know that it’s major award season time post Oscars but the Webby Awards are upon us and the nominees are officially out. The Webby Awards present two honors in each category one for the Webby Winner and one for the People’s Voice Winner (which you can vote on until April 28 on USA Today). Who decides the glory of a blog other than the people who read it, after all?

Louis Vuitton, Jay-Z, Nowness, Twitter and Martha Stewart are just some of the illustrious sites up for awards it’s a jungle out there on the World Wide Web. We chatted with one of our favorite bloggers, NancyJane Falk Goldston the fashion insider who takes to her blog, along with a host of other amazing contributors to give you the full style story on The Blonde & The Brunette and to illustrate the level of awesome these nominees have to maintain in order to even be in it to win. Get to know NJ below.

So tell me how you came to start The Blonde & the Brunette.

Theres a great story behind it actually, I was invited by Prada to go this past fall as their guest to the Spring/Summer 2011 runway show in Milan with a guest as their American representative because I have this great relationship with Prada and they felt I embody the brand. I have my own ad agency and have won all kinds of creative awards, and I had this name [for a blog] in the back of my head and this concept of having these different points of views. When this invite came through, I knew it was the perfect moment it was great access and I wanted to have contributors across generations, points of view, price points and start this dialogue. It wasnt about being catty, it was about living and enjoying fashion people were afraid to embrace that and talk about it.

So, I got to Milan and I saw this collection, I said, ‘happy is back.’

How do you differentiate yourself from other sites?

Everyone is so busy, there’s so much media, theres so many people who do a great job providing this depth look at fashion. So I knew we would be minimal a quick dose of daily style and beauty. Because if you want the depth, you go to a great site like StyleCaster. I studied the market and felt there was this niche.

Who does your blog in particular reach?

I think a lot of blogs are the 18 to 25 demographic, but we have a 24 to basically an ageless demo. Its women who work, theyre college graduates, they have careers and busy lives. I know who our audience is and were reaching them and theyre responding to us, approaching us and saying we love this blog. Our strongest following is aged 25-36, but we have this whole other following that I include in this dialogue.

Where did you come up with the title? It’s such an important element to a site.

I was definitely thinking that the title was really about a different perspective from different individuals and blonde and brunette represented that in a great way. When I ran the title by different people and everyone seemed to think that this is about diversity and culture, beauty intellect, fashion diversity and the title said all of that in a quick way.

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The Blonde & The Brunette Team (NJ Falk Goldston is third from the right)

Congratulations on your Webby nomination, tell me about it.

I woke up Tuesday morning like everyone else and scrolled through my BlackBerry. I had forgotten I submitted, and with all the blogs out there I didnt think we could possibly be selected. I thought ‘this cant be’ and I saw who we were official honorees with on the site and it was just incredible. I think what was interesting is that we were an official honoree in the blog cultural category it’s a recognition that our philosophy and design are on the mark for the market and its incredible.

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