Blogger Spotlight: Get A Kick From “Who Stole My Litas?”

Blogger Spotlight: Get A Kick From “Who Stole My Litas?”
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The blog, Who Stole My Litas? is a hilarious Tumblr stop that will definitely induce giggles at your desk while scrolling though random photos of public figures wearing the insanely popular shoes, including Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl and 89-year-old Betty White. The Jeffrey Campbell Litas are constantly sold out and beloved by bloggers far and wide, almost ad nauseum. This Tumblr Photoshops pairs on to important industry figures and unsuspecting celebrities and hilarity ensues.

The site is a baby at only three weeks old, and comes from Holly Stair, a Parsons graduate with a degree in design and management and stints at Jason Wu and Carolina Herrera on her resume. In the midst of freelancing, helping Tumblr gather a second round of bloggers to send to Fashion Week and working on her lofty goal of becoming the CEO of a design house, I chatted with Stair about where she got the idea to start the blog, what her future plans are and what she really thinks of Litas.

Check out the interview below and peep the slideshow above for some Lita laughs!

Where did you get the idea to poke fun at how much Litas are blogged?
Well, I went to Parsons and I interned in PR for different places and I became really interested in social media. I researched a ton of blogs and started picking up on trends that bloggers like; for example, the YSL Arty ring and the Litas. I really started to notice [the Litas] when all the bloggers like Carolina of Fashion Squad and Rumi of Fashion Toast were wearing them. They’re all over Tumblr and websites like We Heart It, and then I started seeing them on the streets. From people going to shows wearing their Litas or people hanging out in Soho waiting for Scott, Garance or Tommy Ton to walk by and shoot them.

I just thought it was hysterical because they’re not really my style, I’m way more vintage and 1960s inspired. I just thought it was so amazing that this shoe has such a staying power and I just woke up one morning and it was the first thing I thought of. I was watching the news, and I saw Anthony Weiner on TV and thought wouldn’t it be amazing if I had a blog where I Photoshop these shoes onto people — wouldn’t it be great if he was wearing the American flag Litas?

What response have you gotten from the blog so far?
Really great, when my friends saw it they just thought it was hysterical. Even my mother thought it was funny and she’s always very cautious of me and my “Internet reputation.” The Jeffrey Campbell blog picked it up and Solestruck wrote about it too. Everyone thought it was funny; I did it purely in jest and I thought it might seem a little mean, but you know, it was a fashion joke and I think we all know when to laugh at ourselves a little.

Has anyone in the fashion industry taken notice?
I have a lot of friends that work in fashion and they thought it was hysterical and they retweeted and reblogged it like mad. I haven’t heard anything from anyone that I’ve put them on. I did put them on Nick Wooster and Linda Fargo, I mean, I’m sure they wouldn’t like that, but I haven’t heard any backlash.

Do you own any Litas?
I do not own a pair of Litas. The way I look at the Litas personally, number one, I like a more dainty shoe. Also, Im 5’6, I don’t really need to be an additional six inches taller than all the guys in New York on a Friday night. They’re not for me but I have a ton of friends that wear them and they all look at the blog with a sense of humor. I would support others wearing them.

You interned at Jason Wu and other fashion houses, do you know exactly what you want to do yet?

I do know. I interned at Oscar de la Renta, Carolina Herrera, Jason Wu, Kate Spade and currently I’m a consultant for Tumblr and their whole fashion community with their fashion director, Rich Tong. We worked together on Fashion Week and now we’re working toward the next one. But for my end goal, I’d really like to be in charge (anyone that knows me could tell you that) and possibly at the helm of a major fashion house.

How long do you think you’ll keep the Litas Tumblr?
As long as people keep reading it. I try to do 3 posts a day and as it gets closer to fashion week I’m probably going to have to get a pile of them to just fire off. As long as people still think Litas are funny or cute or relevant, I might as well keep doing it!

What plans do you have for the future?
I’m going to be working with Rich at Tumblr again as well as consulting for a few designers during fashion week for show seating and general social media strategy.I’m really fortunate that I’m very young and people in the industry put a lot of trust in me to get the job done!

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The blogger in her own version of the photoshopped Litas.

"Betty White stole my Litas."

"Grace Coddington stole my Litas."

"Linda Fargo stole my Litas. Hey, at least it wasnÂ’t Ken."


"Miroslava Duma stole my Litas."

"Elle Fanning stole my Litas."

"Scott Schuman stole my Litas. And Garance let him outside in them!"

"Tory caught Chuck Bass stealing my Litas."

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