Forget ‘Street Style’—Here Are 50 Glorious Photos of Beach Style

Forget ‘Street Style’—Here Are 50 Glorious Photos of Beach Style
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Why is it that we voluntarily torture ourselves by staring at photos of other people’s summer vacations while we’re sitting at our desks or squished between strangers on the subway?

That, I don’t know, but I do know that there’s something irresistible about beach photos—even if, in reality, most of the beaches we frequent are too crowded, too hot, and too filled with screaming kids throwing sand at one another to come close to the pristine white sand paradises we see on Instagram.

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Masochistic or not, we can’t help but love blogger beach-style snaps, whether they’re in Mallorca or Malibu; Tulum or Thailand. In the gallery, we’ve rounded up 50 of the most inspiring oceanfront (or, in some cases, waterfall-front) images from around the web to inspire your summer-travel wardrobe … or just give you a serious case of FOMO—sorry!

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