BLK DNM x Moscot Sunglasses Are Exclusive, Work on Everyone


While we love this summer’s colorful sunglass trend as much as the next girl, there’s something so inherently chic about a classic black pair of shades. The eyewear collaboration between BLK DNM and MOSCOT, launched this week, includes just three unisex styles, simply named Sunglass 1, 2 and 3.

What we love is that the retro-minimalist sunnies, which are each slightly different, manage to somehow look good on everyone we saw try them on. Each style tweaks proportions of important but oft-ignored measurements like bridge width and lens height. Genius!

$295 each. Available at MOSCOT stores, the BLK DNM store and online at and

Above, Harvey Moscot with BLK DNM founder Johan Lindeberg at the launch party.

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