Blake Shelton Asked Gwen Stefani’s Dad For His Blessing Before He Proposed to Her

Gwen Stefani, Blake Shelton
Photo: KGC-11/STAR MAX/IPx.

Since their engagement, fans have been dying to know how Blake Shelton proposed to Gwen Stefani. Did he serenade her with a song? Write a speech? Do something elaborate? Well, before Blake even got on one knee, there was one person he needed to talk to first: Gwen’s’s dad, Dennis Stefani.

A source told Us Weekly on Tuesday, October 27, that Blake asked Gwen’s dad for his blessing before he proposed to his daughter. “Blake had the ring custom-designed, and asked permission from her dad before asking Gwen,” the source said. “It meant so much to Gwen that Blake was so traditional about it.”

According to People, Blake proposed to Gwen on Saturday, October 17, in Oklahoma, where he has a home. The couple announced their engagement on Tuesday, October 27, with a photo of them kissing as Gwen showed off her massive ring. “@blakeshelton yes please! 💍🙏🏻 gx,” she captioned the post. Shelton, for his part, wrote, “Hey @gwenstefani thanks for saving my 2020… And the rest of my life.. I love you. I heard a YES!”

Though Blake’s proposal was old-fashioned, that doesn’t mean he didn’t go over-the-top for his future wife. A source told HollywoodLife on Tuesday that Blake built a chapel specifically for Gwen, which is where he popped the question. “He originally built the chapel for Gwen because she is a very devout Catholic and he wanted to make her feel comfortable with her transition from LA to Oklahoma. Her faith is incredibly important to her and Blake knows that,” the insider said.

The source continued, “So, he felt that [the chapel] was the perfect place to propose because it has so much meaning to the both of them. Gwen loves the chapel so much and she even has a necklace with a charm of the chapel that she wears often.”

Though the couple—who met on season 7 of The Voice in 2014—are over the moon about their engagement, HollywoodLife’s source notes that Gwen wasn’t exactly surprised. “Blake and Gwen knew this day was coming and Blake did it on his own terms,” a second insider said. “Though their relationship has been followed closely and everyone wants them engaged and married, Blake and Gwen are doing things that is right for them as a couple and a family.”

The source continued, “This engagement was a long time coming but for them it is the right time. They are very much in love and Blake and Gwen who have been married before are determined to make this their last marriage, they know they are each other’s soulmates.”

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