Blake Lively’s Straight From The Runway Look; First Lady Banned From The Vatican!

Kerry Pieri

Blake Lively. Photo: Jordan Strauss, WireImage


  • Carla Bruni may be good enough the be the first lady of France, but apparently not for the Pope. The Vatican refused her access to Pope Benedict because of her racy modeling past. Who knew Catholics could be so prudish? (Vogue UK)
  • Botox does more than freeze Kim Kardashian’s face! It’s recently been approved for the treatment of migraines. (NPR)
  • Saks and Bloomingdales’ online sites are starting to allow commenting sections. All the world is a fashion blog we just live in it. (WSJ)
  • Beauty man Jean Paul Guerlain used a serious racial slur in a speech on television. The French are apparently so inappropriate today. (CNN)
  • P. Diddy hosted a breast cancer event and refused to wear a pink scarf that was given to him. Ok, Americans are inappropriate today too… (Stylite)
  • Terry Richardson shot the Pirelli calendar this year and explained of shooting naked models, “I love doing shoots like this where youre not representing a piece of clothing or a designer youre actually representing yourself, and thats really exciting. It actually gives you an opportunity to give more of your soul and your heart in the picture.” And you know, some other stuff. (NY Mag)


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  • RT @ evachen212 [Beauty Editor, Teen Vogue] based on this color combo, I wonder if Marc’s a Met’s fan? Somehow, doubt it!
  • RT @fordmodels Sooo, thinking of opening a second hand magazine pop-up store… Jealous.