Blake Lively Won’t Attend Chanel Show Because It’s Tacky

Kerry Pieri

We don’t know how much weight we’re giving this rumor, but it’s out there and it’s weird, so let’s discuss.

Fashionista is reporting that Blake Lively will not attend and sit front row at the March 8 Chanel Spring 2011 runway presentation because, she thinks its tacky for a celebrity like herself to attend the show. I mean…

A. A Celebrity like herself? When celebrities unlike Blake Lively, meaning bigger, and with, say, Academy Awards think it’s ok (hey, Kiera Knightly and Marion Cotillard!) to sit front row at Chanel, then I think a TV star is cool to hang there as well.

B. Blake’s attended before, including the Couture show not months ago.

C. Blake is the face of the brand’s new Mademoiselle handbag line (for which she’ll host a Parisian dinner apparently, but still, girl should do both…)

D. Nobody says anything having to do with Karl or Chanel is, ahem, tacky.

Either way, I’m calling falsified statement, and if not, I’ll take your seat!

Photo: Mike Marsland, WireImage

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