Blake Lively Stars in Official Trailer for ‘The Shallows’—and It’s Ridic

Blake Lively Met Gala


Blake Lively stars in a hilarious new trailer that appeared today for her summertime walk in the park, “The Shallows,” and it is a doozy. It’s pretty much just two solid minutes of the former “Gossip Girl” flapping around in the water trying to outwit a gigantic shark. Because, you know, sharks are cunning as hell.

With no sign of Serena in sight, Lively tries to badass her way through the trailer, gasping and tossing her impractically long blonde hair around as she tries to free herself from the shark’s turf.

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The trouble seems to start right about the time she gets a big ol’ leg bite from the shark (a bit of a love bite, really). At that point, unlike a normal person, she declares, “I’m not done here.” Why, for the love of all that is holy, not??

So, of course, she then goes head to head with the shark, armed with a knife and a gun—and her ferocious dignity—among who knows what else. Anyone dying to see this one in the theaters August 12? No? Yeah, same. Watch the full clip here:

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