Every Time Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds Trolled the Hell Out of Each Other on Social Media

Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds
Photo: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images. Design: Allison Kahler/STYLECASTER.

How many times have Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds trolled each other on social media? We can’t tell you, but we can confirm that we’ve loved it every time. In the seven years Lively and Reynolds have been married, not an opportunity has passed for them to roast each other on Instagram and Twitter. It doesn’t matter if it’s their birthday, the premiere of their movie or the launch of their new business venture—neither of them are safe from the wrath of each other.

And so, in honor of Lively and Reynolds’s relationship, we decided to look back on every time they trolled the hell out of each other on social media. Lively and Reynolds have been married for more than seven years after they wed in a secret ceremony in September 2012. Since then, the couple has welcomed two beautiful children: baby daughters James and Inez.

But perhaps Lively and Reynold’s greatest accomplishment as a couple is the many times they’ve trolled each other and made the internet fall in love with them. Like Chrissy Teigen and John Legend, Lively and Reynolds’s trolls are out of love. They may sound mean (like when Lively wished Reynolds a happy birthday by instagramming a photo of Ryan Gosling), but we know deep down, they’re meaningless and purely for the LOLs. Check out their best jokes ahead.

A version of this story was originally published in March 2019.

When Ryan Apologized to Blake For Selling His Gin Company

In August 2020, Ryan sold Aviation Gin to the European beverage company Diageo in a deal worth an estimated $610 million. After the news, Ryan set up an automated response on his Aviation Gin email where he apologized to long list of people, including Blake, for telling them “to go fuck themselves in the last 24 hours” after news of his deal broke.

“Thanks for your email. I am currently out of the office but will still be very hard at work selling Aviation Gin. For quite a long time, it seems,” the response read. “In related news, I just learned what an ‘earn out’ is… And I’d like to take this opportunity to apologize to everyone I told to go fuck themselves in the last 24 hours. My lawyers just explained how long it takes to achieve an ‘earn out’… so… turns out I’m not as George Clooney as I thought.” (The sentence was a reference to the $1 billion deal Clooney and Rande Gerber’s Casamigos Tequila made with Diageo in 2017.)

The email continued, “The point is, to those listed below, I’m sorry… and I’ll indeed be needing your help in the coming months and years. Thanks in advance!” Reynolds’ note concluded, before listing: “Mom, Blake, Peter, Diageo CEO, The Rock, George Clooney, Southern Glazer’s, Betty White, TGI Friday’s, Baxter, Calisthenics, AMC Theaters, Total Wine, The Number 8, Don Saladino, Darden, The Head of Alfredo Garcia, Soothing Lavender Eye Pillows.”

When Ryan Gave Blake an “Out of Office” Message

In July 2020, Reynolds posted a clip from his 2010 movie Buried, which showed him next to some bottles of Aviation Gin, the alcohol company he owns. “Before Deadpool, I was an actor. One of my favorite projects was a film called “Buried” and it’s now on @Hulu. 10 years later, it really holds up! Although I don’t recall the aggressive product placement. #Buried,” he captioned the post.

On his post, Lively commented: “I think this just got me pregnant.”

That’s when Reynolds came back with the most hilarious response: “I will be out of the office starting July 22nd through the middle of forever and ever. If you need immediate assistance during by absence, please contact someone. Anyone. Otherwise I will respond to your message as soon as possible upon my unlikely return. Thank you.”

When Blake Made Fun of Ryan’s “Method” Acting

Reynolds will star as the Pokemon Pikachu in the upcoming movie, Detective Pikachu, and of course, Lively had to troll him for how he prepared for the role. In a video on Reynolds’s YouTube channel, Lively trolls him for being negligent father while getting into the role of Pikachu. It’s a must-watch. “Now, as many of you know, I vanish into my roles,” he says. “You know, this is a funny anecdote: I was on my way to pick up my daughters from school when I heard that I got the role… I didn’t show up at school ‘cause Detective Pikachu, he doesn’t know who those little girls are. Who are they?” Reynolds says. Lively responds, ““They’re our daughters. “He just left them.”

When Ryan Compared Blake to a Woman Who Had Sex with a Ghost

When Amethyst Realm, a British woman who claimed to have sex with a ghost, went viral in October 2018, Reynolds responded to the story—and claims that Realm is a look-alike of Lively’s—with this pitch-perfect joke on Twitter: “THIS is how I find out?”

When Blake Compared Ryan to Burt Reynolds

Reynolds is best known as Deadpool in the Marvel universe, but for Lively, her husband’s character isn’t some crime-fighting superhero. He’s someone who recreated Burt Reynolds’s iconic 1972 nude bearskin photoshoot for Cosmopolitan. “Now for this week’s WHO WORE IT BETTER… Reynolds vs Reynolds I vote for a reshoot:wearing only the mask. #Deadpool #RyanReynoldsRocksMySocks #CanSomeonePleaseGiveThatBearABreak,” Lively captioned an Instagram of the side-by-side.

When Blake Dragged Ryan’s Hair

Knowing that Reynolds couldn’t wear a chignon as well as she could, Lively posted this Instagram, reminding fans of who has the better hair in the Reynolds-Lively family. “Oops. I meant to post this photo. ;). We all know I wear a sleek chignon better than him,” she wrote in the caption.

When Ryan Wished Blake a Happy Birthday

In honor of Lively’s 30th birthday, Reynolds instagrammed this photo of them, with his wife cropped out and the camera focused 100 percent on him. “Happy Birthday to my amazing wife,” he wrote in the caption.

When Blake Exposed Ryan for Not Changing His Outfit

On the day of her premiere for her movie All I See Is You, Lively changed her outfit a record five times. Reynolds wore the same outfit the entire day, and thus, her trolling. “@vancityreynolds didn’t even do one outfit change from the sidewalk to the inside. (Lazy),” she wrote on Instagram.

When Blake wished Ryan a Happy Birthday with a Photo of Ryan Gosling

After Reynolds posted a photo of himself on her birthday, Lively returned the favor by wishing her husband a happy birthday with a photo of Ryan Gosling.

When Ryan Posted This #NoFilter Photo of Blake

Lively looked far from her usual glamorous self when filming her movie The Rhythm Section in 2018. And in honor of her set photos, Reynolds instagrammed his wife, with this hashtag: #nofilter.

When Blake Dragged Ryan’s Christmas Cookies

Lively wasn’t too impressed Reynolds’s Christmas cookies in December 2017, but at least he has one positive going for him. “@vancityreynolds made some Christmas cookies… 😳 …He’s verrry handsome though,” she wrote on Instagram.

When Ryan Responded to These Divorce Rumors

When IBTimes India reported that Reynolds and Lively were struggling to spend “quality time” and that a divorce could be on the horizon, the Deadpool actor was prepared with the perfect response—of course, at the expense of his wife: “I wish. I could use a little ‘me time.'”

When Blake Was More Proud of Her Hair Than Ryan

When Reynolds and Lively attended the premiere of A Quiet Place in 2018, she was proud of one thing and one thing only: her hair. “If there’s one thing I’m infinitely proud of in this picture, it’s the incredible hair styling that I did on myself,” Lively wrote on Instagram.

When Blake Trolled Ryan for Loving Hugh Jackman More Than Her

Once Lively saw this photo of Reynolds and Hugh Jackman in May 2018, she knew she had to troll Reynolds for his bromance. “Is that extra distance between you supposed to convince me that you DON’T love him more than me?? Nice try,” she commented.

When Ryan Trolled Blake’s Photo with a Naked Man

When Lively instagrammed this promotional photo, featuring a naked man, for her 2018 film A Simple Favor, Reynolds knew he couldn’t pass down an opportunity to troll her. “He seems nice,” he commented.

When Blake Commented on How ‘Huge’ Ryan Looked

Lively said what we were all thinking when Reynolds instagrammed this photo of a truck with his face and a bottle of Aviation gin on it. “Who needs a mini van?! I’m driving this from now on. Subtle, gorgeous and OHMYGAWDYOUREHUGE,” she commented.

When Blake Roasted Ryan’s Motorcycle Skills

When Reynolds instagrammed this photo of him riding a motorcycle with no hands in 2015, he made sure to remind fans not to try it at home—or in their living room. “Don’t try this at home. Particularly, in the living room,” he wrote. Lively took the joke further by telling her followers that her husband knew what not to do from a first-hand experience. “…Because he already tried!!” she commented. “@vancityreynolds just posted some great advice, but he forgot to mention one small detail. #Hypocrite#I’dGive70dollarsColdHardCashToWhoeverCouldResistHim #TooInLike.”

When Ryan Wished Billy Ray Cyrus a Happy Birthday Instead of Blake

Billy Ray Cyrus and Lively have the same birthday—August 25—so Reynolds used that opportunity to wish Cyrus a happy birthday instead of his wife in 2016. “Just want to wish Billy Ray Cyrus the most special, magical birthday ever. I love you with all my heart. Also, Happy Birthday to my wife,” he wrote.

When Blake Teased Ryan About the Secrets She’s Keeping

Lively promoted her 2018 film, A Simple Favor, with a mysterious social media campaign, which consisted of her deleting her entire Instagram. Reynolds responded to it by tweeting, “You can tell me. We’re married. You once drove me to the hospital when you were giving birth. So… what the fuck happened to Emily?”

Lively responded to her husband by suggesting that she’s keeping more secrets than her on-screen character. “Oh darling, of all the secrets I’m keeping from you, this should be the LEAST of your concerns… trust me,” she tweeted.

When Blake Wanted to Cheat on Ryan with Anna Kendrick

If there’s one person Lively would cheat on Reynolds with, it’s Anna Kendrick. She let her husband know this in a 2018 Instagram. “@annakendrick47 is the hotter, female(r) version of my husband… so, would it reaaaally count as cheating??” she wrote in the caption. “So glad we’re finally taking this public. I let Ryan have Deadpool, he can give me this,” Kendrick responded.

Reynolds had the last word with his own joke. “The most ambitious crossover event in history. I’ll miss you both. Tell my story.”

When Blake Asked Ryan About Dating Apps on Valentine’s Day

For Valentine’s Day 2018, Lively celebrated by trolling her husband with this comment on a photo of him with a cake he baked for her. “Why won’t this damn app swipe right?!?!!” she commented. Reynolds responded, “Because it’s the E-Harmony app.”

Lively finished off the exchange with this joke about infidelity. “Can you show me how to download that? Ever since Ashley Madison closed I’ve been so lonely,” Lively wrote, referring to the married dating site whose motto reads, “Life is short, have an affair.”