Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds Are Already Shacking Up

Spencer Cain

Although I was initially skeptical about the Blake Lively/Ryan Reynolds pairing, I have to say that with each passing day, I realize how perfect they are for each other. I actually see this working for a long, long time. They’re both equally dirty blonde, equally hot, equally talented (…), and equally everything. They’ve also both been around the block and had their share of high-profile partners, and now it’s time they settle down and spend their lives playing with their dogs and sharing hair products.

Clearly they agree with me, as the New York Post is reporting that the two lovebirds are looking to take it to the next level and move in together. They were spotted checking out a three-bedroom $4.35 million penthouse at 225 Fifth Avenue near Madison Square Park the other day.

Apparently after peeping the pad, they exited and entered the same Town Car, where Blake’s f*cking adorable dog Penny was waiting on the front seat. (Honestly, look at this pooch. I want to cuddle with it for the rest of my life.)

Anyway, the real question here is: Are they moving too fast? Technically they’ve only been officially dating for a month, but they seem to be ridiculously in love, and as I said this is a perfect match. My take on the situation is why waste time if you know it’s right? Khlo and Lamar didn’t!