People Are Losing Their Damn Minds Over Blake Lively’s ‘Mrs. R’ Wedding Ring

People Are Losing Their Damn Minds Over Blake Lively’s ‘Mrs. R’ Wedding Ring
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You know alternative facts? Now apparently there are also alternative wedding rings. Personally, I’d never heard the term in my life, but that’s what everyone is calling Blake Lively’s slightly annoying but also very pretty diamond ring that she recently Instagrammed, live from a “paint party” at the artist Ashley Longshore’s studio in New Orleans. Casual.

Rather than donning her 12-carat Lorraine Schwartz engagement ring, Lively wore a $950 14-carat Allison Lou “Mrs. R” ring, embellished with a diamond for the period, because of course.

“Paint party at my favorite gallery… 🎨 @ashleylongshoreart thank you for having me,” Lively wrote, showing off paint-covered fingers with a very … creative canvas in the background. (Let’s just say she shouldn’t quit her day job.) But—because this is Instagram/the internet/the world, no one cared at all about the fact that Lively is hanging out with a super cool artist in New Orleans in the slightest, and everyone fixated on THAT RING.

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If you think the Mrs. rings are as annoying as I do, but you’re dying to get your hands on an Allison Lou ring, good news: She makes Gloria Steinem-friendly “Ms.” rings too, so—that’s good. (If you’re loving the Mrs. ring, though, don’t listen to me—I’m definitely in the minority here.)

By the way, Longshore has gotten a lot of attention by eschewing galleries altogether and selling her art directly on Instagram (for $5,000 to $50,000). In other words, she’s a total badass. “We love you B!!!” Longshore wrote on Insta after Lively’s visit. “@blakelively thank you for loving the artists, the poets, the chefs and the musicians… the wild ones who dare to be different… your enthusiam fuels the creative fire…. artists together can make quite a GLOW in a world that can feel a little dark and cold right now…. find an artist you love and be friends with them…make art.listen to music LOUD!!!!….have fun and laugh everyday……. life is beautiful… #ashleylongshore #fuckyeah #popart#blakelively.”

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

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