Blake Lively’s ‘L.A. Face with an Oakland Booty’ Joke Was Maybe Not the Best Idea

Rachel Krause
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The quality of Blake Lively‘s face and ass is rarely called into question; she has what is generally acknowledged as a beautiful, Golden Retriever-like countenance as well as a very good and mildly shapely rear end. But! Is the situation what you would call an “L.A. face with an Oakland booty,” to quote Sir Mix-A-Lot’s iconic “Baby Got Back”? According to an Instagram on her personal account, Blake seems to think so. Not many people agree.

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Historically, Blake has shown a tendency to be passively, ever so gently racist. Remember, if you will, her short-lived lifestyle site Preserve, which even Connecticut resident and former convict Martha Stewart did not approve of, and the time she styled an editorial spread titled “Allure of Antebellum” accompanied by an ode to pre-Civil War fashion?!!?!?!?!? The message: preserve 1860, and the clothing choices of Southern slaveowners.

And with this seemingly innocent, all-American Instagram, some say Blake is behaving again as if she’s never heard of history. As Jezebel points out, ritzy, celebrity-ridden Los Angeles can be equated to glamour and beauty, whereas Oakland, with its significant POC population, is its raw, “ghetto” foil. Nuanced cultural sensitivity: Blake Lively, though she means no harm, isn’t doing an excellent job at it.

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