This BLACKPINK Rosé Doppelganger Is in Denial About How Much They Look Alike

Photo: Swan Gallet/WWD/Shutterstock.

Does Rosé have a long lost twin, or is it just her doppelgänger? Well, the answer is definitely tucked into this BLACKPINK Rosé look-alike’s response to haters on her Instagram page. Allissa Shin is a social media influencer whose popularity has skyrocketed ever since BLINKs realized she bears a striking resemblance to their idol, Rosé. So, no, she’s not a twin. Yet many are convinced they look identical—sometimes, to a suspicious degree.

While most are just interested in the novelty of another BLACKPINK look-alike, some trolls have flocked to Shin’s account with messages of hate and criticism. There are those fans of Rosé who claim that Shin is actively trying to capitalize on the 23-year-old K-pop star’s look.

But Shin isn’t here for the slander. According to the influencer, she doesn’t even believe that they look alike—nor is she “trying to either.” The doppelgänger had to clear up the confusion over the BLACKPINK member once and for all in an Instagram Story, now pinned to her profile.

In a Notes App letter addressed to “the imbeciles in my DMs,” Shin writes, “I wanted to share this to clear up some negative claims being made about me in regards to a Kpop idol named “Rosé. I was originally planning on defending myself with facts/counter-arguments, but I realized that I’ll just be redundant as those of you who are being rude are just going to find another reason to target me.”

She continued, “If people are excited because they believe that I resemble their favorite idol, then I am genuinely glad. If I found someone who like my favorite celebrity, I would be ecstatic as well LOL I really do not mind if others tell me that they think I resemble her, but what I do mind is when people are being toxic and making false accusations.”

“I personally do not believe that I look like her and I am not trying to either,” Shin stated. (For context, here’s Rosé below, followed by another flick of Shin.)

The influencer continued to clear the air with a message about her appearance moving forward. “None of this means that I am going to change my appearance to satisfy you, so stop trying to bring me down. It’s a waste of both my time and your time,” she wrote. “I am not going to change my hair, make-up, or fashion because you are speculating that I am trying to look like Rose. Do not assume that I am changing my whole lifestyle/appearance to look like someone because I know that I am Allissa Shin, not Rose.

Anticipating the haters yet again, Shin added a disclaimer at the end of her letter. “I do not dislike Rose. I genuinely cannot feel a particular way about Rose as I do not know how much about her. So I hope you don’t misinterpret this,” she said.

And as for those “who aren’t being assholes,” Shin shared a big “THANK YOU.” Since then, many BLINKs have since moved on to defend her in the comments section of her Instagram photos. After all, nobody can help being a doppelgänger or not—apparently, everyone has at least seven of them in this world!