Is it True BLACKPINK Has No Male Staff? A Former Employee Just Made a Surprising Claim

Photo: Shutterstock. Design: Cierra Miller/STYLECASTER.

Some BLINKs are completely unconvinced, while others are still on the fence about this claim over BLACKPINK’s no male employee reason. All the confusion started when an alleged former employee of YG Entertainment (BLACKPINK’s label) suggested that Jennie, Jisoo, Rosé, and Lisa only work with women—but not by choice.

In a video posted to YouTube on March 12, the tipper remained anonymous by hiding his face from the screen. He alleged that the girls are prohibited from working closely with men at the recommendation of their label producer, Teddy. (We’ll go ahead and stress here that he’s their producer—not manager, as the following quote makes it seem).

“BLACKPINK may be under YG Entertainment,” he reportedly said, “But The BLACK label’s Teddy is the person who is in charge of them. Teddy knows the members are pretty so he hates when there is male staff around them. That’s why all their staff members are women.”

And by “all” staff members, it seems the former employee is really referencing BLACKPINK’s team of stylists and makeup artists. As many BLINKs have since pointed out, the BLACKPINK members work with several men in management positions. Others have noted that these include some of the girls’ road managers, who can be seen alongside them in many of the BLACKPINK diaries.

Yet BLACKPINK’s dating ban does echo the protective statement that this former employee seems to suggest. As BLINKs know, the ladies are notoriously quiet about their dating history and avoid rumors as much as possible.

Still, many are taking this source’s information with a grain of salt. This appears to be the same ex-employee who gained attention after claiming to see another K-pop group’s star, Seungri formerly of BIGBANG, out at a bar in Sinsa-dong. This came amidst a scandal for the former singer, having been indicted on prostitution ring and gambling charges.