This Clue Has Us Convinced BLACKPINK Are Getting Their Own Netflix Documentary

Photo: YG Entertainment.

BLINKs found it first. There’s a BLACKPINK Netflix documentary clue circling around the fandom, and it seems to give us a really promising reason to actually expect a feature film soon. On Thursday, Feb. 13, BLINKs realized that a search for “BLACKPINK” on Netflix resulted in a placeholder title: “Untitled Blackpink Feature Documentary.” The unreleased film appears to show up as a related title on the streaming platform. And if that’s not convincing, Netflix’s response definitely is.

One BLINK reached out to Netflix directly via Twitter, hoping to score more details about the release date. The Twitter user, @lisahyoo, innocuously asked, “what date is the blackpink feature documentary being released?” And to BLINKs’ surprise, Netflix responded without shutting down the rumor, exactly.

“Hey, thanks for reaching out! We currently don’t have any info on when that’ll be released,” Netflix’s official Twitter account wrote. “Make sure to follow our social handle for updates though! *HL.”

Hmm. When? The answer’s there, folks. It seems too early to tell what the release date will be, but for now, we’re going to take Netflix’s lack of denial as a confirmation. Many BLINKs are convinced that the unreleased film will document the girls’ rise to fame—from how they were each discovered, to the many struggles they’ve faced as a group until now.

Who knows—this film might also all be part of BLACKPINK’s comeback. Recently, BLACKPINK comeback song clues also caught the attention of BLINKs. claimed earlier this week that “a global music distribution representative” has new details about the girl group, who are “secretly preparing a major project of the largest scale to date.”

BLACKPINK’s agency, YG Entertainment, was far less generous in their response than Netflix. They remained tight-lipped over the rumors: “It is difficult to confirm at this point,” they stated. YG Entertainment did add, however, that “They will repay with good music and positive news as fans have waited for a long time.”

Perhaps that includes a new documentary. BLINKs will just have to wait and see.