Someone Reimagined the BLACKPINK Members as Men & BLINKs Can’t Handle It

Photo: YG Entertainment.

As BLINKs wait for new music from the girls, some are getting creative when it comes to passing the time. These BLACKPINK male photos were conceived by fan accounts “blackpinksglaze” and “oopsyoublinkt” in Oct. 2019, and have kept the fandom talking ever since.

First, there’s the question of whether or not these mockups seem accurate for BLACKPINK members Jennie, Lisa, Rose & Jisoo—that said, it’s simply fun to imagine what the girls would look like as guys. Second, there’s the (perhaps more important) question of which masculine version of the K-pop stars that fans actually favor. That’s where things get interesting.

It seems BLACKPINK’s Jennie is a frontrunner for the masses. There’s one commenter who says, “I will surrender my life to Jennie,” while another weighs in, “Can’t believe Jennie is my type even as a man.” Same girl, same. As another writes, “Jennie’s version would have all the fangirls bowing,” and they’re right.

That said, 24-year-old Nini isn’t the only BLACKPINK member with a dedicated following, regardless of gender. We see plenty of BLINKs adding in their support for 23-year-old Rose (Rosé with an accent, if we’re being fancy and accurate here!)

“Rose is such a cutie”, says another fan. And another takes a nod from Jennie’s unwavering admirer, adding, “Rose as a girl and as a boy, for me.” You love to see it.

Can we really blame BLINKs for taking the time to weigh in on this? Right now, the fandom is in relative limbo as they wait on YG Entertainment to release more information about BLACKPINK’s long-awaited comeback. So far, BLINKs have only gotten a taste of what’s to come through a series of hints on the web—there was that suspicious Netflix clue about a BLACKPINK documentary, and whispers of BLACKPINK (and Ariana Grande’s) feature on Lady Gaga’s forthcoming album, Chromatica.

So, please excuse BLACKPINK’s lovers as we ogle over their boy version—it’s trying times out here for the BLINKs, and we’ve gotta stay occupied!