BLINKs Fully Tracked Down the Guy Who Hit BLACKPINK’s Lisa & Got Him to Apologize

Lisa & Jennie of BLACKPINK.
Photo: Amy Harris/Invision/AP/Shutterstock.

Don’t let BLINKs catch you messing up, because they will check you. And we don’t just mean when it has to do with checked bags—but in this instance, when this video of a BLACKPINK Jennie fan bumping into Lisa at the airport went viral, fans were quick to realize the snafu taking place at baggage claim. A dedicated Jennie fan was so eager to get a photo of the beloved pop star that he bumped into another BLACKPINK member, Lisa, pretty harshly.

It did appear to be an accident; the fan wasn’t facing the star and seemed to back into her without noticing. Even so, fans were outraged and worried about the incident. If the BLACKPINK members have faced anything difficult in their rise to fame, one could say its been dealing with the pressures of fan scenarios like these—every time the group travels, they end up in the midst of sometimes desperate crowds willing to do anything to get a photo or autograph. This time, it took place right at home for the stars as they arrived at the Incheon International Airport in South Korea.

Fans were especially worried about Lisa’s safety this time around. “It must have hurt based on Lisa’s reaction because the bag hit her body. There must be something hard in the bag,” wrote Twitter user @LILIPRATICUS. Another clarified that while he probably wasn’t doing this on purpose, the clip was still concerning since he didn’t apologize to the star after. “We all know he didn’t mean it, it was just an accident,” they said. “But at least he should say sorry!”

BLINKs weren’t going to let this go without making things right. As comments and criticisms continued to roll in, the man in question outed himself to issue a formal apology online. Turns out, the photographer is the admin of a Jennie Kim fan page on Twitter known as “Paint It Black.” He took to the platform that day to set the record straight.

According to a translation via, the user wrote, “Hello, this is Paint It Black. On February 22 on my return flight to Seoul from Fukuoka, I’ve accidentally pushed Lisa and caused her harm.  I was taking pictures without looking around and it caused me to accidentally push over Lisa and this is all my mistake. I apologized right away to Lisa, on the spot, and I deeply regret my wrongdoings,” it reads.

There—we can all rest easy. And next time, fans know to be a little more careful.