Jennie Kim Just Dropped a Really Promising Hint for BLACKPINK’s Comeback

BLACKPINK's Jennie Kim
Photo: Swan Gallet/WWD/Shutterstock.

We all know that whenever an artist drops a selfie from the studio, they’re trying to tell us something. Well, now BLINKs are especially convinced that BLACKPINK’s Jennie comeback 2020 hint was exactly that. The 24-year-old K-Pop star uploaded a selfie on April 5 with the caption “studio life.” In it, she can be seen wearing a pair of headphones and faux freckles courtesy of a butterfly filter effect. But it’s Jennie’s timing that really has BLINKs talking about her recent flick.

It’s been over a year since BLACKPINK released their last album, Kill This Love. The short, five-track effort was already long-awaited, but now BLINKs have found themselves playing the waiting game all over again. While BLACKPINK has been teasing a comeback for what feels like ages, YG Entertainment has been relatively quiet about when, exactly, BLINKs can expect to hear new music from the girls.

Frustrated by the lack of opportunity for the BLACKPINK members, BLINKs took to social media to honor the girls’ first album and protest their long hiatus. Hashtags like #BLACKPINK1YearOfHiatus and #YGWhereIsBLACKPINK began to trend on Twitter worldwide with over 300,000 tweets issued on the platform. Given recent rumors of alleged censorship and control (we need only look at accusations from a former BLACKPINK employee, who claims the girls’ relationships are monitored and limited), BLINKs have plenty of reason to feel upset for their idols.

It’s an especially fraught situation, also taking into account that other YG Entertainment artists have continued to release new music in spite of ongoing worldwide crises. It has made fans weary of YG’s motives. While the girls’ label and management have yet to issue a new official statement regarding a comeback update, however, many saw Jennie’s recent selfie as a sign of hope.

As some BLINKs mentioned, Jennie has posted a similar photo in the past just before releasing her solo album in 2018. Though it’s possible fans are getting their hopes up, some are confident that this is Jennie’s way of hinting that new music is on its way sooner than we think. Now, all we can do is wait and see.