15 Black-Owned Lifestyle Brands You Can Support Right Now

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15 Black-Owned Lifestyle Brands You Can Support Right Now
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If you feel like spending money today, I highly suggest donating to Black Lives Matter or any other anti-racist organization. That said, we know times are stressful right now, so if you want a moment to partake in some retail therapy, it’s perfectly understandable—that said, supporting Black-owned lifestyle brands is a must. Black entrepreneurs are struggling right now as a result of the tragic racial injustice happening across the country, and placing an order is a small gesture that shows your support and respect for their livelihoods.

Need some new candles to help you unwind? Kintsugi Candle Co. has you covered. Maybe some crystals to help you find clarity in these complicated, disparaging times—Chakra Zulu is the move. Maybe you’re home social distancing and want to jazz up your space with some beautiful pillows from Rochelle Porter Designs, linens from Linoto or wall art from Don’t Sleep Interiors? Whatever it is that you’d like to buy this week, there’s a pretty good chance you can find a Black-owned business to support while doing so.

If you’d rather go shopping for clothes or accessories, check out our list of Black-owned fashion brands that will pique your interests. If you’re trying to save money and don’t plan on shopping at all, don’t fret. Following small businesses on social media, liking their posts and sharing them with friends is another amazing way to show support. It isn’t all about placing orders!

With that, read on for 15 Black-owned businesses you’ll most definitely want to start following and shopping from.

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STYLECASTER | Black Owned Lifestyle Brands

Courtesy of Estelle Colored Glass.

1. Estelle Colored Glass

Your at-home bar could use an upgrade in 2021, so say hello to this colorful set of wine glasses. Every piece by Estelle Colored Glass is hand-blown in Portland and the colors are inspired by founder Stephanie Summerson Hall’s grandmother. Hall calls her stunning pieces “jewels for your table.” I couldn’t agree more.

STYLECASTER | Black Owned Lifestyle Brands

Courtesy of Harlem Candle Co.

2. Harlem Candle Co.

These candles are inspired by the vintage jazz scene in Harlem by way of Texas, where founder Teri Johnson was born and raised. This candle in particular is inspired by famed musician Duke Ellington, but other options on the site take after Langston Hughes, Josephine Baker, and even The Savoy Ballroom, the glitzy club where Ellington often played.


STYLECASTER | Black Owned Lifestyle Brands

Courtesy of Bolé Road Textiles.

3. Bolé Road Textiles

Give your bathroom new life with this striped bath curtain from Bolé Road Textiles. Each piece is designed in New York City and handmade in Ethiopia, where founder and design expert Hana Getachew was born. Choose from the brand’s selection of bath towels, bedding pillow covers (and much more) for a burst of color in almost any room in your apartment.

STYLECASTER | Black Owned Lifestyle Brands

Courtesy of Artbook | D.A.P/Goodee.

4. Goodee

Founded in 2017, Goodee is truly the exemplification of modern living thanks to their focus on featuring items made with both sustainable and and ethical practices. They have a dedicated page for Black-owned brands, but they also offer nearly everything on their site, from hoodies, to water bottles, to art books like this one.

STYLECASTER | Black Owned Lifestyle Brands

Courtesy of Cure Crate.

5. Cure Crate

Looking to chill out? Try Cure Crate and their incredible curated boxes of CBD products. Buy a new box as you please, or sign up for a reoccurring subscription to get relaxation delivered right to your front door. Plus, a portion of the proceeds from each box are donated to the The Last Prisoner Project, an organization which works to release prisoners with  marijuana-related charges and help them with reentry into society.

STYLECASTER | Black Owned Lifestyle Brands

Courtesy of Kintsugi Candle Co.

6. Kintsugi Candle Co.

Kintsugi Candle Co. is a brand founded on the belief that “Broken is beautiful.” Founder Allison Jones was inspired by the Japanese practice of kintsugi, or repairing broken pottery with gold lacquer to turn the cracks into art. She believes the same is true of people, and that they are beautiful because of their flaws, not in spite of them.

STYLECASTER | Black Owned Lifestyle Brands

Courtesy of Don’t Sleep Interiors/Etsy.

7. Don’t Sleep Interiors

Etsy is an amazing place to discover new Black-owned businesses, and Don’t Sleep Interiors is a favorite for all things home decor. Check out their array of coffee mugs, wall art and pillows, all of which are designed with historical Black figures and locations in mind.

STYLECASTER | Black Owned Lifestyle Brands

Courtesy of Linoto.

8. Linoto

If it’s time to upgrade your linens, look no further than Linoto, founded by Jason Evege, who is also the creative director. Specializing in 100% linen, the brand offers sheets, curtains, towels, napkins, table cloths—even linen boxers!

STYLECASTER | Black Owned Lifestyle Brands

Courtesy of The Lam Label

9. The Lam Label

For a sustainable option, consider shopping vintage via The Lam Label. Home to vintage ceramic treasures, The Lam Label will help you find the perfect finishing touch to any space, guaranteed to garner compliments and serve as your favorite conversation piece.

STYLECASTER | Black Owned Lifestyle Brands

Courtesy of Malene Barnet.

10. Malene Barnett

The insanely talented Malene Barnett creates ceramic sculptures and contemporary fine art paintings, the latter of which can also be purchased as prints for under $200. Barnett herself has made it her mission to educate others on the traditions and practices of art in the African diaspora.

STYLECASTER | Black Owned Lifestyle Brands

BLK MKT Vintage.

11. BLK MKT Vintage

Another great way to shop sustainably is via BLK MKT Vintage Besides their brick-and-mortar shop in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, you can shop this collection of Black-curated collectibles via the store’s website. Enjoy tiny pieces of Black History from comic books to pins to trading cards and more.

STYLECASTER | Black Owned Lifestyle Brands

Courtesy of Saint Flora.

12. Saint Flora

Love flowers? TBH, who doesn’t. If you’re California-based, consider ordering your next bouquet from Saint Flora. They specialize in stunning, unique floral arrangements and are currently accepting orders for Oakland, Berkeley and Emeryville. If you don’t live in these areas, do some research and find another Black florist from whom you can get some beautiful blooms.

STYLECASTER | Black Owned Lifestyle Brands

Courtesy of Rochelle Porter Design.

13. Rochelle Porter Design

Turn to Rochelle Porter Design for beautiful textiles you can shop on pillows, cloth face masks and even activewear pieces. All the textiles are inspired by Rochelle’s original artwork, and support the slogan “designed for abundant living.”

STYLECASTER | Black Owned Lifestyle Brands

Courtesy of Chakra Zulu Crystals.

14. Chakra Zulu Crystals

Pretty much everyone loves crystals these days, so when it’s time to buy a new rose quartz or rainbow fluorite palm stone, turn to Chakra Zulu Crystals. They carry everything from your favorite gemstones to candles, jewelry, healing sets, chakra sets, incense, smudge sticks and more.

STYLECASTER | Black Owned Lifestyle Brands

Courtesy of Harriet’s Bookstore.

15. Harriett’s Bookshop

Support a Black-owned bookshop! Harriett’s Bookshop, named for Harriett Tubman, is a wonderful option that celebrates female authors and activists in particular. Visit the shop itself if you’re Philly-based, or shop a selection online and have your books shipped right to you.

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