5 Black TikTokers Leading the Conversation Around Black Lives Matter

Elizabeth Denton
5 Black TikTokers Leading the Conversation Around Black Lives Matter
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If you’re not in-the-know (or if you’re over a certain age), you might think TikTok is a strange place for activism. Isn’t it funny dances and dramatic transformations? Well, yes, but it’s also a surprisingly useful platform for those who use their voice to post emotional and powerful videos about police brutality, as well as other important causes. The Black Lives Matter TikTok page is full of mostly young people sharing their stories about living while Black in America. It’s not to be missed.

George Floyd’s death at the hands of a white cop in Minneapolis, Minnesota has sparked protests across the country. People are angry—and for good reason. But it’s not just another Black man’s death that has caused people to take to the streets and to social media. Though it is that, of course. We’re also in the middle of a global pandemic, with 36.5 million American citizens filing unemployment claims. Black and brown people are dying at higher rates and the virus has shown systemic inequalities that persist in the United States.

People are taking to TikTok to show the peaceful protests you don’t always see on the news. They’re calling for police reform and a big enough systemic change that will keep Black Americans safe. Protests are already helping shine a light on the cumulative effect that led to all this anger. Watch the below videos and follow Black creators to hear their stories.


Hurry and follow her for thought-provoking answers to her most common questions, such as her thoughts on the American flag as a Black American.


Based in Minneapolis, Aleckson gets emotional about “famous people” like Jake Paul taking advantage of the movement to get social media views.

@Twitchtok7 and @Allisonholkerboss

You probably know Stephen Boss, or Twitch, from his run on So You Think You Can Dance or his current DJ gig on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. What you might not know is he and his wife Allison post videos to TikTok showing the stark differences between white and Black American experiences.


His powerful video of “unwritten rules my mom makes me follow as a young black man” currently has more than 2.5 million likes.


He’s getting thousands of views for the creative way he superimposes Black Lives Matter protests over the names of the Black people who have died at the hands of the police.

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