Black Friday


Happy Thanksgiving, dear StyleCaster readers! As I type, I am sitting at the kitchen table of my childhood home in Honolulu eating my fourth chocolate chip cookie (p.s. it’s only 10:30 am here) and pondering all the things I’m thankful for. As the list goes through my head (i.e. family, friends, health, blah, blah, etc, etc), I realize that I have one more item to add to said list this year. For the first time in my life, I will be forced to miss Black Friday altogether, as I will be on a plane for the entire day (12-hour flight plus a six-hour time difference between NY and HI has me taking off tomorrow morning and landing at JFK on Saturday morning). Each and every time in years past, I’ve tried and tried to hold myself back from attending the crazed, oftentimes frightening sales that take place on the day after Thanksgiving. And year after year, I’ve failed due to a weird thing I have about “missing out” on things. It’s a problem that should probably be addressed with therapy, I know. Anyway. This is my year. This is the year that I will successfully avoid getting trampled on, threatened with bodily harm (over a scarf, no less!), and having a 6 foot tall 40% off sale sign topple over directly onto my head.

That said, there IS something to be said for all the fantastic shopping to be had tomorrow, and if I weren’t going to be trapped in a plane thousands of miles above ground, there are a few economy-bolstering events I would have to check out. First, Vera Wang’s long-awaited new SoHo boutique is finally opening at 158 Mercer Street tomorrow morning. The gorgeous space will peddle both her ready-to-wear and her more affordable Lavender Label lines. And then there is the matter of Cole Haan’s Madison Avenue store’s redesign, being unveiled for the first time tomorrow at 61st Street and Madison Avenue. Word has it that the space is inspired by the “California modernist home of the Cole Haan couple.” As you can see for yourself in the picture above, the new look is stunning; even better, is the fact that the store is most definitely recession-friendly, offering arrays of shoes, bags, and gift items for well under $100. And finally, one of my all-time favorite shops, MUJI, is celebrating the opening of it’s fourth U.S. store by having a “City of New York Series” giveaway in which each of the first two hundred customers entering the new Chelsea location will receive a New York-themed gift (16 West 19th Street).

So there you have it. Happy shopping tomorrow and happy eating today. I’m signing off now. I’ve got some turkey to stuff. xoxo