15 Black-Owned Etsy Shops To Hit Up For Home Decor, Jewelry & More

Bella Gerard
15 Black-Owned Etsy Shops To Hit Up For Home Decor, Jewelry & More
Photo: Candice Luter; Studio nom.

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If you’ve donated to absolutely every anti-racism organization you can think of, I’ve got good news—there’s still more you can do. Next time you think about buying some home decor, a new piece of jewelry, or virtually anything else, consider buying from a Black-owned Etsy shop and supporting Black entrepreneurs and creatives. In fact, Etsy has a featured page loaded with Black-owned Etsy shops to choose from, all of which are owned by immensely talented vendors. Why not place an order or two?

There are hundreds and hundreds of Black-owned Etsy shops to choose from, but I rounded up 15 of my favorites below. For stunning, one-of-a-kind macrame pieces, Candice Luter and Studio nom. have a unique range of pieces like no other. For jewelry, some of my go-tos are The Pink Locket for minimalist hammered metals and Vintage Royalty for standout statement earrings. As for talented artists? Etsy is chock-full of them, from Mirlande Jean-Gilles to Lou Lou Art Studio.

If you’re a frequent Etsy shopper, prioritize Black-owned businesses next time you scroll through the site. If you’re not already Etsy-obsessed, now’s the perfect time to explore the site. Etsy makes it easy to search for exactly what you’re looking for, and supporting independent sellers will make you feel even better about your purchases. Plus, you won’t end up with the same jewelry/decor piece/cloth face mask all your other friends bought at Target. Just saying!

With that, read on for 15 wonderful Black-owned Etsy shops that absolutely deserve your business.


1. Candice Luter

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Courtesy of Candice Luter.

A piece of home decor from Candice Luter will run you a couple hundred dollars or so, but her macrame designs look far more luxurious than that. Seriously, this is the kind of stuff I lust over on Pinterest, only to find out it actually costs more than a month’s rent in the apartment I want to put it in. The Ebb Wall Hanging is my personal favorite, but check out her full shop for tons of gorgeous options.


2. The Pink Locket

STYLECASTER | Black-Owned Etsy Shops

Courtesy of The Pink Locket.

I love buying my jewelry from Etsy because I can usually guarantee no one else I know will have the same pieces. The Pink Locket is a personal fave for minimalist hammered metal pieces like this Gold Cuff Bangle With Chain. Oh, and the best part? Almost everything is under $100.


3. RHYII By Richele

STYLECASTER | Black-Owned Etsy Shops

Courtesy of RHYII by Richele

If you’re in need of some new hair products look no further than RHYII by Richele. This San Diego-based shop specializes in pure, chemical-free cosmetics and uses ingredients like flax seed, mango butter and grapeseed oil. I’ll be picking up a jar of the the WAVYIIZ Cream ASAP.


4. Vintage Royalty

STYLECASTER | Black-Owned Etsy Shops

Courtesy of Vintage Royalty.

Vintage Royalty is a shop that specializes in statement-making earrings, but since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, they’ve added gorgeous patterned cotton face masks to their repertoire, too. My favorite piece in her shop is The Emmy Earring, but honestly, it’s a toss-up—they’re all pretty darn beautiful.


5. Mirlande

STYLECASTER | Black-Owned Etsy Shops

Courtesy of Mirlande.

Mirlande Jean-Gilles runs her namesake shop Mirlande on Etsy, and there you will find truly breathtaking collaged canvas artwork that celebrates Black women. “I create collages using paper from magazines and books. I enjoy going through the pages and finding just the right images for my pieces. I am old school that way,” she says on her shop’s homepage. Buy prints like Yellow Sky and Balloons and support her artistry.


6. Studio nom.

STYLECASTER | Black-Owned Etsy Shops

Courtesy of Studio nom.

Studio nom. has to be one of my very favorite shops on Etsy. Known for unique contemporary fibre art, they carry tons of wall hangings and decor, but their vases are my faves. Pieces like the these Macrame Flower Vases (which come in a set of five!) made from upcycled bottles are truly unique, and ship directly to you straight from The Netherlands.


7. Blade + Bloom

STYLECASTER | Black-Owned Etsy Shops

Courtesy of Blade + Bloom.

Chicago-based shop Blade + Bloom is a great option for anyone looking for high-quality natural beauty products. Many of these items are long-lasting and dual-purpose, and their simplistic formulas are made without any fillers or water. I’m eager to try one of their unisex Fragrance Oils, which you can shop in three therapeutic scents—grounding East End, energizing First Flowers or invigorating Kumari.

8. Lou Lou Art Studio

STYLECASTER | Black-Owned Etsy Shops

Courtesy of Lou Lou Art Studio.

In addition to custom abstract paintings and art, Lou Lou Art Studio also offers instantly-downloadable digital prints, many of which celebrate the beauty of Black women, like the Sisters Digital Art Print, which can be yours for under $10. Just place your order, download your piece, and print it out at home or at a printing store near you. Buy a few, frame ’em up and create your own gallery wall!

9. r-ki-tekt

STYLECASTER | Black-Owned Etsy Shops

Courtesy of r-ki-tekt.

For beautiful painted leather goods, r-ki-tekt is your go-to. This shop carries everything from cord tacos to carryall pouches, plus other treasures like velvet belts, wooden necklaces and hand-painted terracotta pots. From June 1-19, 20% of all sales will be donated to the George Floyd Memorial Fund and similar organizations, so get yourself a Letter Carryall Pouch-Clutch ASAP.

10. Breezy Tee

STYLECASTER | Black-Owned Etsy Shops

Courtesy of Breezy Tee.

Next up on our list is Breezy Tee, maker of towel wraps, satin-lined beanies, headbands and scrunchies designed to fight frizz and protect hair from damage. Their T-Shirt Hair Towel Wrap is a curly girl must-have, as are pretty much all their products, TBH. Why order something similar on Amazon when you could support a Black female entrepreneur?


11. Omi Woods

STYLECASTER | Black-Owned Etsy Shops

Courtesy of Omi Woods.

If it’s gorgeous gold and silver jewelry you’re after right now, please take a moment to peruse everything Omi Woods has to offer. This Etsy shop is chock-full of coin necklaces that are not only stunning, but incredibly unique. Whether you snag one for yourself or as a gift for a friend, Omi Woods’ jewelry is a must-shop.


12. Pepper Palm

STYLECASTER | Black-Owned Etsy Shops

Courtesy of Pepper Palm.

For all you plant-lovers, Pepper Palm has the perfect homes for all your plant babies. Forego the plastic pot that your succulents came in, and replace it with one of these gorgeous hand-painted pots. Even if you have no green thumb, you can still place your faux plants in these gorgeous pieces!


13. The Everyday Print Co.

STYLECASTER | Black-Owned Etsy Shops

Courtesy of The Everyday Print Co.

Apartment in need of a quick refresh? Go ahead and snag one of the gorgeous modern Afro wall art pieces from The Everyday Print Co. and watch as your space is magically transformed. We particularly love this abstract face print, but there’s a little something for every design style in this Etsy shop.


14. Accented By Grace

STYLECASTER | Black-Owned Etsy Shops

Courtesy of Accented by Grace.

Spruce up your kitchen or dining room table with any of the pieces from the Accented by Grace Etsy shop. A mother/daughter duo creates the most stunning table runners, and your tablescapes will never look the same. Whether you love florals, bold prints or classic stripes, you’re sure to find the perfect addition to your home.


15. Aromaology

STYLECASTER | Black-Owned Etsy Shops

Courtesy of Aromaology.

Give yourself a mini spa day with the handmade products from Aromaology. With bath, body and home fragrances, you have everything you need to create a relaxing environment wherever you are. The shop has individual serums, scrubs, butters and more—along with some gift set options, so you can treat someone you love (or yourself).

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