Your Horoscope Says To Give These 8 Black Astrologers A Follow

Your Horoscope Says To Give These 8 Black Astrologers A Follow
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In case you’ve been living under a rock or conveniently happened to be cryogenically frozen like Austin Powers, last year sucked out loud. Truly a garbage year in nearly every way, 2020 was a time to learn, grow, suffer, cry, drink a lot and maybe get in touch with your spiritual side. When the world seems to be out of your control and you just want to feel like there’s someone out there listening to you and hearing you, leaning into astrology, tarot, spirituality and so much more become rather commonplace options for comfort.

As a Black woman, I’ve always felt in tune with my spiritual side, if a little skeptical—mostly because I’d kind of written off stories about my grandparents’ relationship with their spiritual side as woo-woo. But last year changed me and my DNA to the very core, and I decided to learn more about astrology and tarot. And what I learned was that modern astrology is very white, and if I wanted to get spiritual guidance from someone who looked like me, I was going to have to seek it out.

Black astrologers aren’t hard to come by, but they certainly aren’t the modern faces of the movement like Chani Nicholas or the Astro Twins. But, as a Black woman, it’s increasingly important to me to follow people whose goals and needs align with my own, and who can empathize with my experiences and what’s going in the world. So while my entrance into astrological education was through white creators on YouTube and TikTok, I’ve found it incredibly helpful to hear about the stars from a Black perspective as a Black person.

So, I spoke to the eight Black astrologers and tarot readers below to find out more about them and their spiritual practicesand to make sure you have a one-stop shop to learn everything you can about astrology. 

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Adama Sesay Your Horoscope Says To Give These 8 Black Astrologers A Follow

Courtesy of Adama Sesay; Adobe.

Adama Sesay of Lilith Astrology

Name  + Pronouns: She/Her

Social Media: @lilithastrology/TikTok,  @lilithastrology/Instagram, LilithAstrology/YouTube,

How long have you been practicing astrology? Six years.

What sparked your interest in astrology? I’ve always been extremely intuitive, clairsentient, audient, voyant, but when I found astrology, it gave me an outlet. I started working for an astrology website and I was shown that this is my life’s purpose. After working there for some time, I took classes and went for certification.

How do your Blackness and your interest in astrology intersect? My platform and company is named Lilith Astrology, after the dark feminine divine goddess Lilith. Lilith was the first womxn, and essentially is the archetype of the black femme experience on Earth. Her story is the dark feminine that is suppressed by others, but still takes back and reclaims her power. I also have this in my 1st House, conjunct my ruling planet, the moon. This energy is my life experience, and I help my clients through my own knowledge as a black womxn in America.

Any tips for someone who might be starting their spiritual practice? Dabble and see which healers, teachers, witches, shamans, etc work for you. Listen to your resonance and intuition to ensure that they align with your unique path. There is no one right way to do “spirituality”. 

Any words for those who are skeptical? I have nothing really to say besides get a reading. Life is too short to convince people otherwise.

Do you have a favorite spiritual source? My website Lilith Astrology is a fantastic way to get weekly, monthly, yearly horoscopes plus access to me on a regular basis. I have a fantastic and educational monthly membership program that dives deeper than your “well-known” app. Plus, you are supporting an independent black creator

What do you love about the social media astrology community? I have made some fantastic and beautiful friendships, for that I am beyond grateful. I also have the best astrology and spiritual mentors I could ever ask for!


STYLECASTER | Black Astrologers

Courtesy of Ashanti Ransom; Adobe.

Ashanti Ransom of The Heaux Healer

Pronouns: She/Her

Social Media:  @TheHeauxHealer/Twitter; @TheHeauxHealer/Instagram, TheHeauxHealer/YouTube

How long have you been practicing astrology?  Six years.

What sparked your interest in astrology? I grew up in a family where astrology was a very big part of our lives. I knew my birthday and my zodiac sign before most things.

How do your Blackness and your interest in astrology intersect? I would say that my Black culture and interest in astrology intersect because the two are always evolving. Just like being Black stays on trend because we are always innovating something new, it’s the same for astrology because it’s always something new and innovative to find out about the planets and the stars. Black people are created from magic and the sun, moon and stars are our ancestors.

Any tips for someone who might be starting their spiritual practice? My tips for anyone starting their spiritual practice is to practice with and on your friends and family. Anytime I learn something new, I call up a friend and practice on them.

I would also say believe in your power and don’t second guess yourself. You never fall upon this way of living by chance. Don’t dim your light to fit in and as you ascend, you will lose some people along the way, it’s just a part of the process.

 Another gem: Know ya worth!

Any words for those who are skeptical? I always say meet people where they are in this process. It takes time to unlearn a lot of things we were taught during our childhood. Spirituality is all about positivity and self love. Everything else is just speculation.

Do you have a favorite spiritual source? My favorite tarot decks at the moment are Modern Witch Tarot Deck and The Golden Girls Tarot Deck and my favorite place to shop for all things magical is Namaste Bookshop in New York. 

What do you love about the social media astrology community? I love the social media astrology communities because you never know what each day will be like. Something new is always happening and there are always new things to discover. I also love how receptive social media has become to mysticism. A couple years ago, everyone wasn’t so receptive to the idea and we would have to hide our gifts. I am happy that this is now a thing of the past.


STYLECASTER | Black Astrologers

Courtesy of Dayna Lynn Nuckolis; Adobe.

Dayna Lynn Nuckolls of The People’s Oracle

Pronouns: She/Her

Social Media: @PeoplesOracle/Twitter, @PeoplesOracle/Instagram

How long have you been practicing astrology? About 14 years.

What sparked your interest in astrology? I don’t remember ever not being interested in astrology. My introduction to astrology was through newspaper and magazine horoscopes like everyone else. All I knew was zodiac signs. I’d look up zodiac signs on the Internet once the Internet became a thing, but I honestly didn’t even know how complex astrology was. It was in 2007 that I got my hands on my first astrology books at the public library. I’ve been obsessed ever since!

How do your Blackness and your interest in astrology intersect? What a loaded question! My Blackness led me to reject mainstream astrology as both a pop culture trope and a modern school of thought and community. Whether on the blogs or social media of respected astrologers or in books of translated astrology texts from the 1st century, my Blackness was not there. I did not exist to these astrologers. And not only did I, as a Black woman, not exist, I did not see the experiences of the queer, disabled, indigenous, those forced into poverty by the wealthy, etc.

Instead, what I did see in those astrologies was an implicit and explicit embodiment of white supremacy, anti-Blackness, queer-phobia, ableism and on and on and on. Essentially, my Blackness is my astrology. It’s not something that needs to be added to it or laid on top as an “identity-politic”. Astrology narrates the experiences of all people. And my fundamental belief in that is why I am The People’s Oracle, THEE sidereal astrologer. I’ve developed a new astrology—using the centuries old sidereal zodiac—for all people.

Any tips for someone who might be starting their spiritual practice? Don’t be so quick to throw away the religious and spiritual practices you were raised with. Especially as Black folks, our ancestors have hidden in plain sight pieces in part and in whole of the rituals, language, and ways of engaging with spirit we brought with us over the the Atlantic. Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. Lastly, discernment is so important. Never stop asking why. Question the spiritual authority of those who claim to hold it. Don’t abandon one dogma for another one. Tread carefully.

Any words for those who are skeptical? Nah. I don’t care if people believe me or not. Those who want to truly be free often find their way to my work, or someone else’s whose spiritual praxis is rooted in liberation.

Do you have a favorite spiritual source? The 2021 Sidereal Astrology Guide is the 4th edition of my annual astrology calendar, workbook and journal. In it, I guide you through the personal application of one year of astrology. There is no astrology knowledge required. It’s better than any horoscope you will ever read because it takes into consideration your unique astrology and your imitate knowledge of your own life and experiences. 

What do you love about the social media astrology community? I’m actually not really a part of the larger social media astrology community because my work diverges both in astrological practice, political ideology and spiritual foundation. Most astrologers, if not all others besides me, desire an “objective” astrology that is allegedly completely separate from any spiritual doctrine or practice. I grew up in the Pentecostal church! That’s in my astrology, too! So, I’ve carved out my own lane in astrology that intersects  with a small community of Black women and queer and non-binary spiritual practitioners and initiates. It’s the authenticity, accountability, integrity and commitment to liberation for me!


STYLECASTER | Black Astrologers

Courtesy of Chelsea; Adobe.

Chelsea of Zodiac Healer

Pronouns: She/Her

Social Media: @zodiachealer/Twitter, @zodiachealer/Instagram

How long have you been practicing astrology? I have been practicing astrology for about four years, but was first introduced to the complexities of the study six years ago.

What sparked your interest in astrology? My interest in astrology first began as a kid, flipping through the horoscope section of my favorite teen magazines. The Aries horoscope always resonated with me, but I always felt like something was missing. When I took a look at my whole birth chart for the first time at 18 and realized I was a Cancer moon AND Cancer rising, it clicked why I had always been more of a sensitive Aries than most. It really validated the complexities of my existence.

How do your Blackness and your interest in astrology intersect? As a Black woman, it’s extremely rare that I ever feel properly represented, but when I took a deep dive into the history behind astrology and realized that people of color were some of the first astrologers to exist, it filled me with so much pride. Considering how often Black astrologers are left out of conversations surrounding astrology, it made my desire to practice this work that much stronger. As Black astrologers, we belong here. Our ancestors practiced this work. So it feels very much like coming home. 

Any tips for someone who might be starting their spiritual practice? If you’re starting a spiritual practice for the wrong reasons, it won’t feel right in your soul. It’s not about followers or clout, it’s about helping people heal and feel seen. Going into your practice with genuine intentions will always leave you feeling full.

Any words for those who are skeptical? There’s a lot of common misconceptions out there about astrology, so I understand the apprehensiveness, but it’s important to remember that astrology is essentially the study of the planets. The planets are definitely up thereand our Earth is entirely affected by what the Sun and Moon do, so why wouldn’t we be?

Do you have a favorite spiritual source? Honeycomb Collective creates phenomenal almanacs to keep up with what the planets are doing and I use it every single day for my client sessionsit’s such a gem!

What do you love about the social media astrology community? No online community is perfect, but the astrology community is truly something special. Every single Black astrologer I’ve been blessed to meet was through Instagram or TwitterI can’t tell you how lonely I felt when I first started out and didn’t see any faces like mine. We still have a long way to go, but there are so many astrologers out there that are so welcoming. It makes all the difference.


STYLECASTER | Black Astrologers

Courtesy of Gieselle Andrea; Adobe.

Gieselle Andrea of Saucy Scorpio

Pronouns: She/Her

Social Media: @SaucyScorpio/TikTok, @SaucyScorpio/Instagram, @SaucyScorpio/Twitter, SaucyScorpio/Etsy

How long have you been practicing astrology? I became a student of astrology as a child, but I began to implement astrology in my life in 2017. 

What sparked your interest in astrology? Back in 2016 I was a flight attendant with Skywest Airlines. I was traveling back to Colorado  after vacationing in New York visiting some friends from college when I met a passenger on my flight name Troy. Of course, my outgoing Leo sun sign couldn’t resist the opportunity to talk to a handsome man on my three hour flight to Colorado, and so it began.

The conversation started by Troy sharing with me that his  mom was a flight attendant, which led to him telling me about his dad, who was actually an astrologer! Wild, right? During our flight, Troy introduced me to the concept of the “natal chart”. Troy explained  to me that the natal chart is a cosmic roadmap to your life during this lifetime and that it can highlight karmic debt from the past and even show you what you need to work towards in this lifetime in order to fulfill your soul‘s purpose and your heart’s desires.

After the flight ended I was super interested in learning about my own natal chart and learning how I could use astrology to help me navigate through my life, because I was the epitome of a “hot mess express” in 2016. When I looked at my own natal chart, it was like looking at a foreign language. It was dense and I had no clue what it was talking about so I just left it there.

Fast-forward to 2017, I found out I was pregnant with my son and I decided to dive back into astrology. As a soon-to-be-mom, I wanted to make sure I had all the tools to give my baby the best life possible. The most important thing I could be for my son was a mother that “understood” and “guided” him through life, rather than trying to live through him or by projecting my unfulfilled desires onto him. I was determined to help my son navigate through any karmic debt. I was still a bit confused about astrology when I looked at my son’s natal chart so I decided to go back and start with my own, so it would be easier for me to understand and then correlate anything I learned with his chart.

While journeying through my own chart, I gained a huge understanding of my mental health as well as the difficulties that I experienced throughout my teenage years and adulthood. It was as if I looked in a cosmic mirror and saw myself for the first time. My natal chart helped me identify under-developed aspects within my own personality and avoid potential character flaws and/or toxic tendencies. Once I understood this, my journey to self awareness and self mastery began. 

How do your Blackness and your interest in astrology intersect? As a Black astrologer, I am fortunate to be a gatekeeper of knowledge and information for the Black community. Within astrology, there’s so much information that helps you understand how you move within the world and how the world simultaneously moves around you. Once we are able to understand the astrological formulas, aspects and transits that affect us, we can then figure out how to move accordingly to manifest our hearts desires. 

My area of interest is “medical” astrology, specifically helping others understand how their mind works. In example: how individuals process and project their emotions by first understanding their thought process and then by looking into the areas of their charts that helps them understand how they need to be nurtured and cared for. My favorite part of the process is the shadow side, or some call it the “underdeveloped” areas within their personality. Astrology is a tool that can and should be used within the Black community to teach self awareness, then self mastery.

As a community, we have had everything taken from us. Our fathers, our brothers, our mothers, our sisters, our original last names, and most importantly our history. Marcus Garvey wrote, “A people without knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.” Black Americans have no true connection to our history, culture, and ancestors because it was taken from us and hidden.

This is where I come in. I have cracked the code to medical astrology and found a way to implement it within the Black community, and I intend to share these lessons with anyone that is ready to learn about astrology, then transform their lives by rewriting their own story… because, “Until the lion learns to write, the hunter will always be the victor in every story.” (African Proverb)

Any tips for someone who might be starting their spiritual practice? First, be your biggest supporter. Others may not understand your business plan or even your brand, but that’s okay because God gave you this vision because only you can see it through.

Second, implement the “7 Laws of Spiritual Success” in your business structure every day.

Third, make a choice every day to allow your faith to outweigh your current circumstances, no matter how big or bad that mountain may seem at the time. God is faithful and always provides. Operating as “faith based” requires an immense amount of faith within yourself and the vision God gave to you.

Any words for those who are skeptical? Riddle me this: The moon can affect the tidal waves of the ocean depending on how close or far away it is, right? Right! Sooo, if the moon can affect the ocean (a massive body of water) then why do you think that planetary energies (astrology) can’t affect humans when our bodies are made up of 70% water? 

What do you love about the social media astrology community? Oh my god, I just love the internet. I love making new friends online and I find it’s easiest in the astro community.  In my experience, the Twitter astro community has been a delight for me. I learn so much and others are so willing to help you learn by dropping so much free, advanced knowledge. TikTok is a great place for beginner astrology and those wanting to learn the basics.


shereen campbell Your Horoscope Says To Give These 8 Black Astrologers A Follow

Courtesy of Shereen Campbell; Adobe.

Shereen Campbell of My Little Magic Shop

Pronouns: She/Her

Social Media Handles: @shereendanielle/Instagram, @mylittlemagicshop/Instagram,

How long have you been practicing astrology? I started practicing astrology seriously around 2007.  However, I honestly can’t remember a time when I wasn’t interested in astrology. My mom tells me she has a letter I wrote to her as a little kid explaining why we viewed the world differently. I’m a Libra and she’s a Capricorn. I don’t remember this letter, but the logic is still very relevant.

What sparked your interest in astrology? My very first heartbreak, of course! Right after graduating college, I dated this guy and things didn’t work out. He ghosted me after seeing each other for about a year. At the time, it felt like I literally had a hole in my heart and this was deeply disturbing to me. Given that the way I managed my emotions was—okay, sometimes still is—through my intellect, I decided I would read all the things I could about why people suffer or experience pain, specifically why the world was the way it was.

This led me down a self help rabbit hole featuring Eckhart Tolle, Brian Weiss and Jan Spiller. Eventually, after a short stint exploring Kabbalah, I landed on astrology as the most useful way for me to understand the world, myself and other people. I loved how astrology was studied by some of the most influential scientists (Galileo, Newton, Brahe) ever and that it was based in mathematics. Also, to this day I greatly appreciate that astrology has some rules and guardrails in terms of interpretation and timing. Back then, tapping directly into my intuition without aid was incredibly hard for me as I’m super analytical. Astrology is a wonderful tool for self discovery and opening up the floodgates of intuition.

How do your Blackness and your interest in astrology intersect? When I first started learning astrology, there was literally no one that looked like me publishing books, writing popular articles or teaching classes. I would go to workshops or events and was usually the only person of color.  I discovered later in life that I internalized this experience with the negative belief that a Black girl astrologer will always be poor and maybe ostracized. I would think, “Who is going to take me seriously as an astrologer?” so I should just stick with a regular corporate job where I can at the very least make some money, maybe I’ll get married and then pursue it then.

Then, my Saturn Return arrived and checked me. I was encouraged to really start digging into those beliefs about myself that were causing me to shrink away from my passion. I ended up starting a company focused entirely on magical things and grounded in astrology. I wanted to create a safe place where anyone, regardless of their race, gender, sexuality or hair color, could feel safe to be vulnerable enough to step into their magic and hear that little voice inside of them. My team is super diverse and we are working to make sure people feel seen.

I think a lot of folks are out there really supporting this, because I am seeing and making friends with so many more astrologers of color now. Another thing I will say about astrology is that it doesn’t care so much about your race, it’s very neutral in that way. The focus is more on the magic of your soul and what you came to this planet to share and receive. I feel like astrology reminds me so often that people are people at the end of the day. Yes, there are so many things that are different about us, but in the end, we are all going through something and just trying to navigating life the best we can.

Any tips for someone who might be starting their spiritual practice? Be curious! If you’re already curious, good; remember to stay that way. Beliefs are a funny thing.  We learn something magical and lean into it, then we learn something else and if it aligns with our previous beliefs, we embrace it with joy and acceptance. When it contradicts our current beliefs, it gets harder to lean in, even if it’s a better belief than the one we held before. This is a very normal human process.

Think about when someone broke the news that Santa wasn’t real. You might have been bummed, rejected it, denied it or even accepted it easily because you never believed it anyway. Whichever it was is very valuable to the way that you take on new beliefs. This is why I say, be curious. As you start any spiritual practice, beliefs you had about yourself, the world we live and those around you will start to shatter, splinter and disintegrate before your eyes. As you continue your spiritual journey, this should continue happening.

Curiosity saves you a lot of pain and promotes detachment to any particular belief, which just deepens your spiritual practice. Ask lots of questions, on things that you want to accept easily and especially on things that you find yourself rejecting too quickly. Be curious about yourself and your reactions to whatever new lessons you are learning. Be curious about a variety of thought leaders. Be curious about skeptics. Just be curious.

Any words for those who are skeptical? “The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper,” WB Yeats. Don’t worry, maybe one day you’ll get a glimpse of what some of the greatest thinkers ever pondered in secret. Tesla, Newton and Galileo spent much of their life thinking about magical things. I’m sure they could have spent their time on other things, but you have to wonder why they spent their brain power on mystical studies. When you do, start with the science. The science always leads you to the metaphysical, and then into the mystical and magical. It never fails.

Do you have a favorite spiritual source? Yes!  I am obsessed with It’s my shop and I put so much love into every single bit of it.

What do you love about the social media  astrology community? The memes! They are literally the best!  The Mercury retrograde ones are amazing. I also love when an Astrologer adds witty commentary on Twitter.  I love the lightness and humor that astrology can have on social media.


STYLECASTER | Black Astrologers

Courtesy of Kirah Tabourn; Adobe.

Kirah Tabourn of The Strology

Pronouns: She/They

Social Media: @thestrology_/Twitter, @thestrology/Instagram,

How long have you been practicing astrology? Eight years.

What sparked your interest in astrology? I’ve always been into astrology for as long as I can remember, but in 2012 a friend told me that there were moon signs and rising signs. I saw my birth chart for the first time a few months later and I literally didn’t sleep that night, I couldn’t stop researching and learning more about it. I’ve been obsessed ever since!

How do your Blackness and your interest in astrology intersect? When I started getting into astrology, it was hard to find people who looked like me. There were very few Black speakers at conferences and podcasts, authors of books, teachers, etc., so I’ve made it a big part of my mission to take up space in this field and to create space for more Black astrologers to be seen and to thrive. 

Any tips for someone who might be starting their spiritual practice? Be discerning about the information you take in, and always check in with yourself when it comes to learning new practices. Learning to trust your intuition is a big part of exploring your spirituality, and that should be taken very seriously. Also, spirituality is both light and dark and everything in between. Give yourself time and space for all of it. 

Any words for those who are skeptical? The magic inherent in the universe isn’t going to show itself to those who are closed off to experiencing it. I’d invite skeptics to investigate why they are skeptical in the first place. Where do those beliefs come from? Who told you that was truth? 

Do you have a favorite spiritual source? I buy a ton of talismanic magical material at Spheres and Sundry, and if you’re looking to learn more astrology, check out my podcast The Strology Show!

What do you love about the social media astrology community? There’s been so many beautiful connections made and support shared through our community, and it’s been incredible to witness. I think most of us are excited that there are people out there like us; BIPOC, queer, weird, sexy astro nerds!


STYLECASTER | Black Astrologers

Courtesy of Mecca Woods; Adobe.

Mecca Woods of The Meccanism

Pronouns: She/Her

Social Media: @TheMeccanism/Twitter, @1meccanism/Instagram

How long have you been practicing astrology? Over a decade.

What sparked your interest in astrology? It all started with a quarter-life crisis. I was unhappy with my career and my love life. I knew that I should be living a life where I was putting my talents to work, but I felt stuck. Astrology was something that I turned to in search of answers. I came across this book on relationships called the Celestial Sexpot’s Handbook by Kiki T. I enjoyed reading the book so much that I was inspired to get a few readings by Kiki. Those readings basically jumpstarted my hunger to learn everything I could about my birth chart and astrology in general. 

How do your Blackness and your interest in astrology intersect? I use astrology as a tool for self-empowerment for myself and for my clientsmany of whom are also Black. 

Any tips for someone who might be starting their spiritual practice? Go slow. Be curious. Get into the habit of asking questions and doing your research. Find what resonates with you most. Know that there’s no one right way to be spiritual and that, oftentimes, the best spiritual guide that you have is your own intuition. True spirituality will strengthen you and the connection that you have to yourself and your intuition, not pull you away from it. 

My advice to astrology newbies: Be patient with yourself and the craft. Astrology takes time to learn. Don’t rush it.

Any words for those who are skeptical? You can’t knock something until you’ve tried it. 

Do you have a favorite spiritual source? I always try to support other Black creators when I can. I love using the Dust 2 Onyx Tarot deck as well as the True Heart Intuitive guidebook and deck
. The book Orishas, Goddesses, and Voodoo Queens: The Divine Feminine in the African Religious Traditions
by Lilith Dorsey is also a go-to resource for me.

What do you love about the social media astrology community? Connecting with people all over the world that speak my “astro” language.  

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