Blac Chyna’s Striped Jumpsuit Reminds Me of a Gum Wrapper, but She Still Looks Hot

Maggie Griswold
Blac Chyna’s Striped Jumpsuit Reminds Me of a Gum Wrapper, but She Still Looks Hot
Photo: Getty Images

Blac Chyna has been hitting us with some killer looks via her Instagram lately. (If you haven’t seen the video she posted featuring FashionNova lingerie, what are you even doing with your life? Open a new tab and watch that shit right now.) Not every look Chyna has donned has been a fave of mine, but she can pretty much pull off anything. Wednesday, Blac Chyna wore a striped jumpsuit that reminds of a gum wrapper, but she totally worked it.

The model and mom uploaded multiple photos of herself wearing a skin-tight striped jumpsuit in Hawaii, and honestly, it’s a mood. The jumpsuit’s stripes were a combination of green, blue, black and white, which tied back perfectly with Blac Chyna’s blue hair. Chyna rocked the jumpsuit sans shirt (and from the looks of it, sans anything), her most noticeable accessory being a silver necklace. And, giving a nod to Ariana Grande, Chyna captioned one photo with “Thank you, NEXT!” She then proceeded to post two more photos of the ensemble, making it so we really did have to say “thank you” and move on to the next pic. It was an iconic move.

While Blac Chyna looks incredible in this striped jumpsuit, all I can think about is how it looks like a gum wrapper from my childhood. Remember, it was the gum with the zebra temporary tattoos? It was called Fruit Stripe Gum, and it was delicious and colorful—even though the flavor only ever lasted about five seconds. Chyna’s jumpsuit is basically a subtle homage to the fruity treat, and I can’t unsee it. She’s like a sexy version of a beloved childhood memory, and it’s all kinds of confusing.

Despite ongoing issues and custody drama with Rob Kardashian, father of Chyna’s daughter, Dream, the mom is continuously giving us content and undoubtedly making money in the process. Even looking like a gum wrapper, Blac Chyna is killin’ it in the Instagram department.