Fans Think That Blac Chyna Shaded Kylie Jenner with This Instagram

Blac Chyna
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It was only a matter of time until Blac Chyna voiced her opinion on Kylie Jenner‘s pregnancy and baby, Stormi Webster, and naturally, it was through some subtle Instagram shade. Fans are certain that the 29-year-old Lashed Cosmetics founder shaded the “Life of Kylie” star after she posted an Instagram clearly referencing Stormi’s controversial name.

On Tuesday, the “Rob & Chyna” star posted three Instagrams of her posing in an aqua-blue wig, mirrored sunglasses, and a sheer, knitted crop top with a matching skirt. Chyna captioned two of the pictures with “…” and “ATE,” but it was the caption of the first Instagram that caught fans attention.

“There are some things I learned best in storm, and some in calm,” Chyna captioned a picture of her seductively laying in front of a door,

Though the caption sounds like any other vague, semi-profound caption on Instagram these days, fans considered it as major shade toward Kylie’s baby daughter. Several users accused Chyna of strategically dropping the word “storm” to drum up drama and attention. Others speculated that Chyna’s caption was a play on the saying, “Calm before the storm,” suggesting that her life was better before Stormi was born.

Like the rest of her Instagrams, Chyna has since disabled comments, but here are a few things that people have said, according to Life & Style.

“Oppp peep the caption, I’m dead for days.”

“I think she DID do that on purpose… She just wants more attention.”

“lol ‘calm before the storm’ @kyliejenner.”

“Why all of a sudden you using STORM 🤔”

“Why do you have to name storm? Get a life…”

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Of course, we don’t know if Chyna’s caption was for sure shade or if her words were just poorly timed. What we do know is that Chyna and Kylie have been embroiled in a feud for years, presumably because Kylie dated Chyna’s ex-fiancé and baby daddy, Tyga. Chyna was also engaged to Kylie’s older brother, Rob Kardashian, further driving a wedge between her relationship with the Kardashian-Jenners. According to Hollywood Life, there are also rumors that Chyna isn’t happy with fans recently comparing her looks to Kylie.

Per the website, Chyna considers it an “insult” that fans think that she’s trying to mimic Kylie’s look on Instagram. “Chyna does not like being compared to Kylie Jenner in any way, shape or form. She thinks it’s an insult,” a source told Hollywood Life. “As far as Chyna is concerned, if anyone looks like anyone, then it’s Kylie who is trying to look like her—not the other way around.”

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Though it’s unclear if the Instagram was actual shade, Chyna’s feelings on the Kylie comparisons definitely could’ve spurred her to lash out at the Kylie Cosmetics founder’s baby. Whatever the reason, these two need to work things out and leave little Stormi out of it.