Blac Chyna Shuts Down Body-Shamers Who Accused Her of Looking Pregnant

Blac Chyna
Photo: Getty Images

Though there’s nothing wrong with celebrating someone’s pregnancy, celebrities, from Drew Barrymore to Lili Reinhart, have spoken out recently about how speculating that someone is pregnant simply based on their appearance is another form of body-shaming. The latest star to tackle body-shaming pregnancy accusations? Everyone’s favorite Kardashian-adjacent celebrity, Blac Chyna.

Over the weekend, the 30-year-old reality star was bombarded with pregnancy accusations after pictures of her attending her 5-year-old son King Cairo‘s kindergarten graduation with what many believed to be a baby bump. The pictures showed Chyna in one of her signature skin-tight dresses, holding a bouquet of balloons for King, whom she shares with her ex-fiancee, Tyga.

Immediately, fans suspected that Chyna is pregnant with her 18-year-old boyfriend YBN Almighty Jay’s baby. Many fans evidenced the curve of Chyna’s stomach as proof that she’s with child. In May, Page Six reported that Chyna is pregnant with Jay’s baby, though neither have confirmed the claims.

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However, Chyna isn’t letting body-shamers get the last word. According to sources close to the “Rob & Chyna” star, she wasn’t pregnant in those pictures, but simply bloated. Per sources for TMZ, Chyna’s “baby bump” was a result of a large meal, not a pregnancy. The sources also shut down Page Six’s rumors that Chyna is expecting her third child.

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From the looks of it, Chyna is happy with her two beautiful children, including her 1-year-old daughter Dream, whom she shares with ex-fiancee Rob Kardashian. Can we stop assuming that someone is pregnant because of the way that their stomach looks? True or not, Chyna’s pregnancy is none of our business. And as Reinhart, Barrymoe, and a slew of other celebrities have proven, speculating that someone is pregnant because of their appearance is not cool and is a one-way trip to body-shaming.