Blac Chyna Just Got the Prettiest Caramel Brown Hair Color

Blac Chyna Just Got the Prettiest Caramel Brown Hair Color
Photo: Getty Images

You name it, Blac Chyna has done it. Butt-length, stick-straight, jet-black hair. Check. Wavy unicorn-colored locks. Check. Platinum blonde dreadlocks. Check. There’s no doubt the 29-year-old is a literal hair chameleon, so when the time came again for her to drift away from the sharp platinum blonde bob she’s been sporting for quite a while now, we thought she’d go nuts. (You know rainbow everywhere or nose-length bangs type nuts.)

So what did Chyna do, you ask? Well, she went brunette, and though it’s arguably simpler than her other looks, we’re high-key obsessed with it all the same. That’s because Chyna didn’t color her hair just any shade of brown. She colored it the prettiest caramel hue that’s got us drooling for days.

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The “Rob & Chyna” star debuted her new do on her Snapchat story on Saturday where she sported bombshell Victoria’s Secret-esque locks while showing off her sweet new color. In the Snapchats, Chyna does what she does best: Give the camera mega selfie face as she tousled her caramel beach babe locks with long metallic nails. Of course, she had to sneak in a little promo there. (If you were wondering, Chyna was sporting her new Treasure lip product from her Lashed Cosmetics line.)

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Now for the bad news. Sorry to break it to you, but it doesn’t look like Chyna’s hair is permanent. Like a lot of her jaw-dropping looks, the caramel brown hair appears to be a wig. This was confirmed with a few Snapchats and Instagrams Chyna shared on Sunday which showed her returning back to her usual blonde bob. (RIP.)

But hey, it’s not all bad news. This just mean Chyna’s got the chance to sport another envy-worthy wig or maybe even switch up her hair permanently. We’ll do you a solid and keep our eyes peeled.