35 Celebrities Who Identify as Bisexual

Meghan Blalock

Here’s the most curious thing about Johnny Depp’s recent engagement to actress Amber Heard: in 2010, Heard came out as a lesbian in front of a huge crowd at a GLAAD event. Now she’s set to wed, arguably, one of the sexiest men aliveā€”and the development got us thinking about all the celebrities who have identified as bisexual. It turns out, there are plenty.

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From “Sex and the City” star Cynthia Nixon to pop stars like Lady Gaga and Kesha, there’s no shortage of stars (both female and male) who have come out as loving, dating, and hooking up with both men and women throughout the years. We hunted down all the big ones, and also discovered where they initially came out of the closet.

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Click through the gallery to see your comprehensive guide to every celebrity who self-identifies as bisexual!

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