Birthday Girl Scarlett Johansson’s Movie Fashion Evolution

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Birthday Girl Scarlett Johansson’s Movie Fashion Evolution
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Okay, so, Scarlett Johansson turns 27 today. Yes, 27! Isn’t that remarkable? She’s not even 30 yet, and she’s already had a ridiculously successful movie career, a hit Broadway play for which she won a Tony, and a high profile Hollywood marriage (followed by a VERY high profile Hollywood divorce).

She seriously makes me feel like a waste of life. What’s next? A freakin’ Pulitzer?The vivacious and voluptuous starlet with incredibly voluminous hair has had her share of incredible movie roles. Let’s commemorate the most fashionable, shall we? Take a look at the gallery above and relive some of ScarJo’s chicest moments on the silver screen.

(Also, does she literally smoke in EVERY SINGLE MOVIE?!)

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While The Black Dahlia (2006) was a critical and financial failure, it was beautiful. The noir crime film featured ScarJo at her sexiest: cropped blouses, minks, red lips at all times and a cigarette in hand. After this role, I thought she'd be the one that would play Marilyn Monroe, not Michelle Williams.

As a stunning seductress in Woody Allen's Match Point (2005), ScarJo kept it simple. And by simple, I mean skin-tight and smokin' hot. 

In Girl with a Pearl Earring (2003), ScarJo proved that she could appear as both a sensual goddess and a stunning Victorian painting. This was certainly a departure from her usual fare , but I still loved it. 

Lost in Translation (2003) really introduced everyone to ScarJo -- and with good reason. Her dynamite performance as a lost, disillusioned American was reflected in her wardrobe. How could you forget her singing The Pretenders' "Brass in Pocket" in a pink wig? 

Ugh, ScarJo ROCKED the teen angst ensemble in Ghost World (2001) like no one else. We all went through this phase, but I'm pretty sure none of us looked this good. 

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